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    No Risk Matched Betting: Is There a Catch?

    I started no risk matched betting in 2015. I remember hearing about it a couple of years prior to that, but writing it off as something I didn’t want to do for several reasons, primarily because it sounded too complicated. Luckily in recent years Profit Accumulator has come along with really helpful walk throughs to make the whole matched betting process easy – they hold your hand through the process of placing bets. I couldn’t recommend them more – I have tried a couple of their competitors and there is no comparison! What is no risk matched betting? You have probably heard the term ‘matched betting’ before, but maybe you’re…

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    Keto crisps: where to buy in the UK

    I wanted to share with you my favourite brand of Keto crisps. Keto crisps are hard to come by in the UK – there are substitutes, such as pork scratchings and Cheesies but sometimes you just want a crisp. A few weeks ago I discovered the MyProtein Protein Crisps. Wow! I am obsessed. They are hugely popular so go in and out of stock all the time, but it’s definitely worth buying them when they are in stock. They come in two flavours: Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream and Barbecue. I slightly prefer the Barbecue flavour but they are both delicious. Obviously, being low carb, they aren’t made of potatoes, but they…