25 Free Things to Do with Kids in the Summer Holidays

As the summer holidays approach, parents often find themselves searching for ways to keep their kids entertained without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are plenty of free activities that families can enjoy together, whether it’s exploring the great outdoors, getting creative with arts and crafts, or engaging in educational pursuits. Here are 25 free things to do with kids during the summer holidays:

1. Explore Nature Trails

Take advantage of local parks and nature reserves by going for hikes or nature walks with the kids. Look for trails with interesting wildlife, scenic views, and opportunities for birdwatching.

2. Have a Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with sandwiches, fruits, and snacks, and head to a nearby park or beach for a relaxing outdoor meal with the family.

3. Visit the Library

Many libraries offer free summer reading programs and activities for kids, including storytime sessions, arts and crafts workshops, and book clubs.

4. Go Geocaching

Join the treasure-hunting craze by going geocaching with your kids. Use a GPS device or smartphone app to search for hidden caches in your area.

5. Have a Movie Marathon

Host a movie marathon at home with your kids, complete with popcorn and blankets. Choose a theme or let each family member pick their favourite films to watch together.

6. Go Stargazing

Spend an evening under the stars with your kids by setting up a telescope or simply lying on a blanket and identifying constellations and planets.

7. Visit a Farmers’ Market

Explore a local farmers’ market with your kids and introduce them to fresh, seasonal produce. Many markets also feature live music, food tastings, and children’s activities.

8. Create DIY Crafts

Get creative with arts and crafts projects at home using materials you already have on hand. Try making homemade playdough, painting rocks, or designing friendship bracelets.

9. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Cool off on a hot summer day by having a water balloon fight in the backyard. Fill up balloons with water and let the kids run around and have fun staying hydrated.

10. Go Birdwatching

Grab a pair of binoculars and a field guide and go birdwatching with your kids. Visit local parks or nature reserves known for birdwatching and see how many species you can spot.

11. Build a Fort

Use blankets, pillows, and furniture to build a cosy fort in the living room or backyard. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they create their own secret hideaway.

12. Have a Scavenger Hunt

Organise a scavenger hunt for your kids with a list of items to find or clues to solve. Hide objects around the house or yard and watch as they search high and low to complete the challenge.

13. Volunteer Together

Teach your kids the value of giving back to the community by volunteering together. Look for local organisations or charities that need volunteers and spend a day helping out as a family.

14. Host a Backyard Campout

Pitch a tent in the backyard and have a camping adventure without leaving home. Roast marshmallows over a fire pit, tell ghost stories, and sleep under the stars.

15. Visit a Museum

Many museums offer free admission days or discounted rates for families during the summer months. Explore art, history, science, and culture together while learning something new.

16. Have a Bike Ride

Take a family bike ride around your neighbourhood or along scenic bike paths. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of exploring on two wheels.

17. Plant a Garden

Get your hands dirty and teach your kids about gardening by planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs together. Watch as they learn about plant growth and responsibility while caring for their garden.

18. Host a Talent Show

Encourage your kids to showcase their talents by hosting a family talent show. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or performing magic tricks, let them take center stage and shine.

19. Visit the Beach

Spend a day at the beach with your kids, building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and soaking up the sun. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, towels, and plenty of snacks.

20. Play Outdoor Games

Organise a family game day with classic outdoor games like tag, hide and seek, kickball, or frisbee. Get active and have fun together in the fresh air.

21. Have a DIY Science Experiment Day

Explore the wonders of science with your kids by conducting fun and educational experiments at home. Try making homemade slime, creating vinegar and baking soda volcanoes, or growing crystals.

22. Host a Cooking Challenge

Turn mealtime into a fun and interactive activity by hosting a family cooking challenge. Give each family member a set of ingredients and see who can come up with the most creative and delicious dish.

23. Visit a Petting Zoo

Take your kids to a local petting zoo or farm where they can interact with animals up close. Let them feed goats, pet rabbits, and learn about different farm animals.

24. Have a DIY Spa Day

Treat your kids to a relaxing spa day at home with homemade facials, manicures, and foot soaks. Set up a spa station with candles, soft music, and fluffy towels for the ultimate pampering experience.

25. Create a Time Capsule

Gather mementos, photos, and handwritten notes from your summer adventures and bury them in a time capsule with your kids. Dig it up together in the future to reminisce about the memories you made.


Summer is the perfect time to bond with your kids and create lasting memories together without spending a fortune. Whether you’re exploring nature, getting creative with arts and crafts, or simply enjoying quality time at home, there are plenty of free activities to keep the whole family entertained. So, embrace the summer spirit, get out there, and have fun with your kids this holiday season!


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