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Trading 212 Promo Code (3wfKM5w): get a free share worth up to £100

Update September 2021: looking for a Trading 212 promo code? There is currently a waitlist for Trading 212 but if you register via this link you will get a free share once your account is eventually activated. Trading 212 will contact you in due course to complete your registration – all you will have to do is follow the below simple steps to finish activating your account.

The good news is that accounts re-opened for new EU registrations in July, with UK accounts surely soon to follow. Whilst you wait, please click here if you are interested in finding out about alternatives to Trading 212 i.e. other fee-free trading apps where you also get a free share upon signing up.

Looking for a Trading 212 Promo Code?

Are you looking for a Trading 212 promo code in order to get a free share? Click this link, make the minimum deposit (£1) and you will receive a free share worth up to £100. Alternatively, you can enter the promo code 3wfKM5w upon sign up.

Key points:

  • Make sure you sign up for Invest, rather than CFD or ISA
  • You will need to input your National Insurance number so make sure you have this to hand
  • It’s important that you sign up specifically via this link as if you visit the Trading 212 website directly and sign up, you won’t get a free share (or enter the promo code 3wfKM5w)
  • You must deposit £1 or else you won’t get your free share (you get your £1 back, don’t worry 🙂 )

What is Trading 212?

Trading 212 is a fee-free trading app. Having had more than 10 million downloads, it’s hugely popular, and is the UK’s number one trading and investing app. It is fully authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Trades are commission-free and hassle-free.

My Trading 212 Review

In terms of the app itself, I find it very user-friendly and intuitive. As someone who is relatively new to investing, I liked how easy it was to navigate and understand. I particularly like the ‘videos’ section of the app which shed light on the basics of stock trading – the first three videos are particularly helpful (How to Start Investing, How to Buy Your First Share and How to Invest from Just £1).

I have been lucky enough to have received a few free AstraZeneca shares, each worth £85 at the time of writing. Below you can see screenshots of my portfolio after I had referred about 15 people.

Other high value free shares that I received after I took the above screenshot include the following: Unilever (£45) and Advanced Micro Devices (£70).

How long does it take to receive your Trading 212 free share?

After signing up via this link, and depositing £1, you will receive your Trading 212 free share within 3 business days – although I have typically found it to be much quicker than that.

When and how can I sell my free share?

You can hang on to your free share for as long as you like (if you’re interested in investing) or alternatively you can sell your share immediately after it’s allocated to you – it’s up to you! Once sold, the cash will become withdrawable 30 days after the date that the share was allocated to you. It’s really easy to sell your share, it just takes a few seconds, and of course there are no fees to pay. This is a guaranteed way to make money with no risk.

To sell your share – simply click the stock you wish to sell (within the ‘pie chart’ icon), and hit ‘SELL’. You will then get a chance to review and then confirm the trade. As I stated above, once sold the money from the sale will be ‘pending’ until you hit 30 days since the day you got the free share. Then you will be able to withdraw your funds to your bank account. One you withdraw your funds, the money will hit your bank account in a few working days.

Refer friends with your very own Trading 212 promo code and get even more free shares

That’s right, once you have signed up you can share your own Trading 212 promo code with your friends. For each new person that you refer, both you and them will get a free share each. With up to 20 referrals possible, this is a lucrative way for you and your friends to make easy money! By maxing out your referrals you can typically expect to end up with a portfolio worth £250+, maybe significantly more if you get lucky… all for no cost to you. Your friends can then of course go on to refer their friends and so on.

You can find your unique Trading 212 free share referral link within the app or on the website – look for the words ‘Get free shares!’ within the menu, next to a gift icon:

Are there any more platforms out there that offer free shares?

Yes, there are two more platforms out there in the UK that offer free shares:


There is also a free share worth between £3 and £200 from Freetrade up for grabs – simply click this link and enter your email address. You will then be prompted to download the Freetrade app. Simply then sign in, deposit £1 and complete the W-8BEN form as prompted. You will then receive your free share in 7-10 days – although I have found it’s usually much quicker than that. I’ve written a post about Freetrade here.


Another platform that offers a free share upon sign up is Stake – you can read my post here about how to claim your free share.

I’d love to hear what share you received after using my Trading 212 promo code!

Please let me know in the comments below. Good luck!

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  1. Hi Nicola. Just used your link and within 5 minutes received a free share worth £9.41 for National Grid. A bit unlucky but I’m still very happy with this and it works! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Hello

    Is the affiliate link still Valid?
    So do I get £10 worth of shares or £100?


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