Trading 212 Promo Code: How to Earn a Free Share

Trading 212 Promo Code: How to Earn a Free Share

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Are you looking for a Trading 212 promo code? Click this link, make the minimum deposit (£1/$1/€1) and you will receive a free share worth up to £100/$100/€100. Make sure you sign up for Invest, not CFD or ISA.

**Please note you must deposit £1 or else you won’t get your free share**

Update June 2020: I have found another share platform – Stake – where you can get a free share in Nike, GoPro or Dropbox, click here to find out more

You can hang on to your free share for as long as you like – over the long term it’s likely to grow in value, and it would be a great way to start investing. Or alternatively you can sell your share after three business days and collect the cash after 30 days – it’s up to you.

Update: from my experience, the majority of shares are around the £10 mark (still worth doing for a couple of minutes’ work) but this morning I got a notification that I have received a free share worth £84! See the screenshots below. Thank you for using my link, by doing so we both get a free share, I shall be keeping my fingers crossed that the share you get is as good as this one 🙂

Let me know in the comments which share you got for free!

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