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    Bedroom Hacks: Solutions for Your Messy Bedroom

    The bedroom is said to be an integral part of every person’s identity, and it reflects their personality. It will define what kind of person you are. If you have a well-organised and clean bedroom, then so your personality is. On the contrary, a messy bedroom is an overwhelming issue, especially for those who are always busy. But we should always find time to clean our room. No matter the circumstance, cleaning should be a habit.  Here are some simple solutions for your messy bedroom that will help you ease your stress.  Declutter regularly Go through all your drawers, and remove the items that you no longer use or are…

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    Decluttering / Minimalism

    Declutter your Gmail in 3 Easy Steps

    There is a current trend for decluttering which I love – I think having less clutter in our lives and surviving with less ‘stuff’ is hugely beneficial in so many ways. I recently found that whilst I was reducing the number of items in my home, there was one area of my life where things were continuing to build up… my Gmail account. I have never been the type of person who gets their inbox down to zero unread messages. I seem to be subscribed to every mailing list going and I just keep letting emails pile up. This is embarrassing to admit but until I just did a mass…