Top Kids Toys

Every year new trends in toys appear and certain products hit the heights with children. This year has been no different; take a look at our list of the top kids’ toys.

Feber Bungalow

This is the ultimate playhouse for children. It features a design which is versatile and thus appeals to both boys and girls. Nevertheless, it is by no means boring in style. It boasts a bright green frame, with a dark green roof, a yellow fence, orange window shutters, and an orange chimney. Not only is the design of the toy exciting, but the fun to be had is vast as well. This bungalow comes complete with an electronic doorbell boasting several different sounds. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and is suitable for children aged two years old and above. Of course, playhouses can be expensive, though. With TEC glue guns and a few supplies, you could have a go at creating your own. This is a great project for the summer months!

KidKraft Red Retro Vintage Wooden Kitchen

You will fail to find a kitchen which is as eye-catching and exciting as this one. It features a bright red design with a retro style to it. It is assured to add tons of character and life to the room in which it is placed. Moreover, it boasts a whole host of features as well, such as; a microwave, an oven, a cordless phone, knobs which click and turn and doors which open and close. A final point worth noting is that the size of this product is as follows; 83 cm in length x 29 cm in width x 90 cm in height.

Pilgrim Drifter 20” Wheel Gloss White

If you are looking for a bike which is great in design, manufactured to the highest of levels and boasts top features, then look no further than the Pilgrims Drifter bike. This toy features a red and white eye-catching design. The frame of the bike is white, whereas the seat, the handlebars and the inside of the wheel are red. Ensuring that not only does your child have a lot of fun when they are driving, but that they look good as well. Whether you rent a bike or buy it new, it is a timeless thing for a child to play with. 

Little Tikes Double Sided Easel

Every child loves to draw and it provides them with hours of entertainment because the possibilities are endless. This easel is great because it is double sided and thus means that two children can play with it at once. Usually drawing is a single person based activity, however this easel promotes social interaction which is a great quality. In addition to this, it comes complete with a 50-sheet pad of paper and an eraser.

Le Toy Van Lily’s Cottage

This is one of the most adorable doll houses on the market today. The house itself is white and it boasts a beautiful pink roof, a pink door and pink window shutters. As well as this it has pale blue window baskets and a pale blue border across the top of the roof. Furthermore, this cottage also comes complete with a starter furniture set – meaning the only thing you will need to buy is the dolls.


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