The Best Ways to Avoid Mess While Feeding Your Child

Feeding your child can be a messy business, and this is especially the case if you have a young baby. 

All of that extra cleaning up is not always going to be welcome, and it is a good idea to find ways to reduce the amount of mess that is being made during mealtimes. 

Messy Children

Some children are messier than others when it comes to feeding time. Certain children absolutely love to throw their food around and play with it, whereas others are happier to simply eat the food with less fuss.

If you have a child who is messy at mealtimes, then you will already know just how much extra work this can add to your day!

Accessories for Mealtimes

There are a number of fantastic products on the market that you can use to help reduce mess when you are feeding your child. 

A suction food tray is an amazing idea as this product ensures the plate stays attached to the feeding surface. EasyTots are a great choice for shopping for suction food trays, and these trays are a universal fit for all high chairs as well as being perfect for travel.

Full coverage bibs can also go a long way to helping reduce mess, as can sippy cups and splat mats. 

Prepare the Food First

When you have a lot going on, it can be difficult to always be fully prepared for mealtimes. However, making sure your child’s food is ready to eat before you put them in the high chair is an excellent idea. 

If your child has to wait in the high chair for a while before they are fed, then they will likely already be very distracted by the time the food arrives. This can lead to disruptive behaviors, which lead to mealtime mess.

Meal Timing

In your efforts to avoid too much mess, it can help if you know your child is truly hungry before attempting to feed them. Hungry children are much more likely to want the food to be in their mouths as opposed to wanting to play with it. 

A hungry child is also more likely to consume the food in a shorter period of time. Allowing feeding time to go on for too long can cause your baby to get bored and to want to play with the food instead.

Keep Track of Problem Foods

You may find that the foods which create the most mess are the ones that your child does not actually like that much. 

If certain foods are welcomed straight into the mouth, but other foods always tend to end up on the floor, then this is your baby trying to tell you something!

This does not mean you should always allow your child to decide on their diet, but that you should allow their preferences to influence your feeding decisions. As long as your baby’s diet is healthy and balanced, then there is no issue with excluding certain problem foods. 



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