Five Tips To Help Your New Puppy Feel At Home

There are very few things more exciting than the feeling of bringing a puppy home for the first time. This is the start of an amazing adventure for both of you, and anyone who had a dog as a kid will tell you just how huge the impact of taking care of a puppy can be for children. It’s staggering to think that so many people are abandoning the pets they have adopted during the pandemic, as this is a relationship that should be for life. However, while there are undoubtedly wonderful days ahead, you need to remember that the first weeks and months are a period of adjustment, training and bonding. Here are a few tips to help you both get settled!

Think Carefully About Bringing Them Home

The journey home from the kennel or adoption agency is always a big moment that can be very disorienting for a puppy, so make sure that you have plenty of toys and soft blankets in their crate to help them feel calm. You should also have an item from the kennel with them to place in your home so there are some familiar smells.

Be Patient With Them 

The most important thing to remember is that while their arrival is very exciting for you, a long-awaited moment, this is all going to be very new and potentially scary for a puppy. Let them dictate the pace of exploring your home and feeling comfortable around you. Don’t worry if they aren’t jumping all over you right away, they will get there! You should also try to spend as much time as you can with them on that first day, so they learn to trust you.

Be Consistent

If you want your puppy to settle in quickly, a strict routine will really help. Make sure that you create a timetable for feeding and walks and stick to it. If there are multiple family members or housemates interacting with the puppy, make sure that everyone has a clear idea of what the rules are for them. If one person lets them sit on the sofa but someone else doesn’t, they are going to get confused.

Think About Training

There are so many things to think about when it comes to training your puppy, from their loo routine to feeding times, from how they play to how they interact with other dogs. Good habits are essential to make sure that your puppy grows into a happy and healthy dog, so it is important that you consider getting your puppy some training nice and early. Cwtches offers dog training in Lewisham with consultation over Google Meet or Zoom so they can get to know your pet and what the best approach will be.

Talk To Your Kids About How To Behave With The Puppy

A child’s first puppy is such a special thing but the people looking after them need a little training too sometimes! Be sure to sit down with your children to explain to them that the puppy will need quiet and patience, and that they will need to be treated with respect. They don’t want to make the puppy scared or anxious, and getting their relationship right early on will mean their bond will be that much stronger.


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