Making A Baby Room Magical In 3 Steps

When you bring a newborn baby home you will be unsure of yourself. It’s natural that you won’t want to leave your boy or girl alone in their own room and continually have them sleep in your bedroom. But eventually, you’ll need to design a room for them and let them get some sleep and rest on their own. Thankfully, there is no shortage of baby interior design styles. In fact, there are more each year, as more and more colors, schemes, themes, and decor seem to be released from all the best brands. We’re going to show you how to forge your own baby room and make it magical, in just 3 steps.

An area rug

Area rugs aren’t just for filling space in large rooms. They are perfect for babies. This is because an area rug doubles as a cushion for the baby as he or she grows up. They will be able to crawl around on their knees without the need to put a blanket or duvet down on the floor. Go for a natural rug, made from wool or cotton. We recommend the former because it can withstand the messiness of a baby. The drooling and spattering of baby food won’t cause much damage to the material, whereas it will if it were cotton or synthetic. Consider getting a white or blue area rug, the most lovable colors for a baby’s room.

A strong cot

What’s the difference between a cot and a crib you ask? Well, a crib is shallower and allows for you to grab your baby without having to bend too low. And since the walls are slightly slower, it’s not recommended for a child that can stand on their own. So, cots are more long-lasting. You can see why in these baby furniture sets. Look at the vox lounge and the vintage vox cots, as they have deeper designs. The high wooden bars are great for a child learning how to take their first steps in total security. The cot is something that you can place in your own room or in the baby’s room. They’re not as heavy as they once were.

Playful wall

Floating shelves are a good idea for a baby’s room. It saves you a lot of trouble having to find storage space on the ground. You can store books, and toys on these shelves which are helpful when it’s playtime to time for a story before bed. You can also use these to place clocks, or nightlights. Graphics or art on the walls is a good idea to spread a little bit of character around the room. It can be the name of your baby, their favorite toys, or perhaps the name of a relative that is no longer with you. Use the walls to create a magical place, so have trees, birds, and rainbows around the room.

The cot is something that will make your baby feel secure while sleeping, and the area rug will be like one giant soft surface that your child can use to crawl on and sleep too. Use the wall art to spread your unique designs around the room.


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