Why Seniors Shouldn’t Rule Out Online Dating

During the current pandemic, many people of all ages are spending time pondering which direction they want their lives to go in the future. For some this might have sparked thoughts of a change in career or a move to a new location. For others, this time of self-reflection has made many people begin the search for companionship in the form of a new relationship.

The online dating world has changed during the pandemic. In the absence of being able to meet a potential new partner in traditional ways – such as at a bar, at work or whilst taking part in a hobby – many people who may not have previously thought online dating was for them have now begun to sign up for online dating sites. The demographic on these sites has widened hugely and there are now many first time online daters on the scene – many of whom are in the older demographic. There is no such thing as being too old for online dating! The scene is so different to how it used to be – when you sign up you will find many like-minded people who are in the same age range as you, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

A common but old-fashioned reasoning behind avoiding online dating is that some people think that online dating is just for people who have been unable to meet a partner the “normal” way. Well, that is a really outdated notion – the majority of people now meet their partner online. Time to put your preconceptions aside and open your mind to over 50s dating and other online dating sites.

One of the great things about online dating is that you can get to know someone slowly without the pressure of a real life date where one often finds their self under great pressure to impress and sometimes nerves can get the better of us. Having built up a correspondence online, when you finally meet in person, you will already hopefully feel at ease and happy in your decision to meet up and spend time together. On the flip side, if you are messaging a potential suitor online and feel like you are not a good match, it’s much more easy to call things off online than it would be in person.

A benefit of being an older person on the online dating scene is unlike younger people, you probably are more comfortable in your own skin and know more about what you want in a partner. This will serve you well, especially as you will find these traits in your contemporaries too. Whilst looking for a love match there is every chance you will meet new friends along the way. A great tip for anyone getting into online dating, regardless of age, is to keep an open mind – everyone out there is a potential love match or a potential friend. It’s important also however to be mindful of safety. It’s always a good idea to arrange a video call prior to meeting up with somebody to ensure they are the ‘real deal’.


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