How To Save Money When Choosing a Sofa

Buying a new sofa can be a really exciting time. This is a large purchase, which will hopefully be a really enjoyable piece of your home for many years to come. The sofa is often where many of us spend the most time relaxing and socialising when we are at home. It is therefore vital to choose a sofa that you love. However, the price of a sofa can often play a part in your decision making.
With that in mind Robinson of England, a bespoke furniture manufacturing and restoration company helped us put together a few tips for you which will hopefully save you some money when the time comes to buy your next sofa.

Shop around
In the age of internet shopping and impulse buying it can be easy to forget the importance of shopping around, e.g. a simple search for sofa bed brisbane (or wherever you are based) will bring up a lot of local options. When it comes to your sofa, it is always worth looking for the same model in different shops. In some cases, the price will be set by the manufacturer. However, this is not always the case. By shopping around, both online and in-store, you will be able to get a sense of where the best price is. You may even be able to work out a price match with one store if they are open to that.

Look out for the sales
It goes without saying that with something as large, and potentially expensive as a sofa, waiting to see if the price will drop during a sale is always worth doing. Some sales are easy to predict, with January usually being a good month to buy from department stores. However, some stores will hold their own weekend sale events throughout the year, so keeping an eye out for these can really help you get that sofa for a better price.
Waiting for sales isn’t as problematic with sofas as it can be with other items. Because the majority are made to order, they don’t go out of stock in the same way clothing or other household accessories might.

Don’t forget about clearance events
While this isn’t something that all stores or brands do, some offer clearance events, and these offer a fantastic opportunity to really save money on furniture like sofas. There are a few things to remember when shopping at a clearance event. Firstly, unlike buying something in a sale, these are not made to order pieces of furniture. Often with sofas, they are display models which are no longer sold or sofas which have been made to order but have then been returned for some reason. This does not mean they are falling apart and couldn’t make a fantastic addition to your home.
The second thing to keep in mind is you should always speak with the sales staff working at the event. They should be able to tell you the history of the sofa, if there is any damage and also what the original price of the sofa was. If you’re happy with the condition and price of the sofa you see, you could save a significant amount of money compared to if you ordered a brand new one. There is also the advantage that you don’t have to wait for manufacturing and delivery so your sofa will arrive much sooner.

Always ask about the price
In the same way that some shops may have different prices, there can sometimes be some room for negotiation when it comes to your sofa order. If you’re working directly with an independent manufacturer, this may be easier than with a furniture or department store. However, even here, it is not entirely out of the question. At most stores which sell sofas, either the furniture or store manager will be authorised to discount an item. In other cases, if there is a concession working within a furniture store or department, then the brand representative may also be able to negotiate with you. It is always worth asking as you never know what the result is going to be. However, as with any negotiation, remember to be respectful and understanding.
Hopefully, these tips can help you save money on a sofa sometime in the future!


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