How to earn Money Risk-Free from Slots (thanks to Topcashback)

I have written before about how I am a big fan of Topcashback but today I wanted to tell you specifically about one of the ways I have used it to earn money, rather than save money. First of all, I will point out that I do not advocate gambling as a way to earn money – the casino always comes out on top in the long term. If you think you may have an issue with gambling, please do yourself a favour and ignore this post. The below method of earning money is risk-free but only if you stop as soon as you have gambled the minimum wager requirement. If you feel able to stop as soon as you have wagered the minimum amount, then please read on to find out how to earn money risk free from slots. The reason why I am posting about this today in particular will become clear below 🙂

Over the years, some of my highest Topcashback payouts have come from casino sites – here are my top earners overall, the casino earnings I have circled in red:


The way the casino offers tend to work are as follows: if you deposit and wager £X, you will get £X+ a bit extra in cashback. The casino is hoping that you stay on as a customer because as I have stated above, over the long term they will win money from you overall. It’s important to stay safe when gambling on your smart phone: click here to find out more.

Please note, if the cashback on offer is less than the minimum wager amount, then this is not risk-free so I can only advocate going for offers where the cashback exceeds the minimum wager amount. Let’s briefly cover an example which is currently on the Topcashback site for Casinoland, which I took advantage of today, then I will show you how to earn money risk free from slots:


So, let’s say you wager the £25 (don’t go over this) on slots and lose it all (very, very unlikely), at a bare minimum, you will have earned £1.25. I signed up for this offer today and ended up earning £110.80! This breaks down as £26.25 cashback minus £25 initial deposit amount plus £109.55 ending cash balance. See my game history screenshot once I had gambled through my minimum £25 wager (which I wagered on £1.25 spins on the slot Blood Suckers):


Please note, this result is not typical – I was very lucky. I have never wagered my minimum stake down to zero, sometimes I am left with a few pounds of my cash balance left and sometimes I come up way ahead – today was a very lucky day for me. A ‘bad result’ may be as follows – let’s say you wager £10 to get £10.50 cashback… at the end of wagering £10, your cash balance is down to £4 i.e. you have lost £6 overall. So your net earnings would be £10.50 cashback minus £10 initial deposit amount plus £4 ending cash balance = £4.50 earned overall. As I said before though, even if you have a terrible run of luck, at the very minimum you will ‘earn’ the difference between the minimum wager amount and the cashback amount.

So here’s how to earn money risk free from slots:

First of all, sign up for Topcashback or log in if you are already a member. Next, navigate to the ‘casino’ section, as highlighted below:


Next, find a site where the cashback exceeds the minimum deposit which must be wagered. Make sure you read the terms and conditions below the offer – at a minimum, you must be 18 or over, a UK resident and crucially, you must be a new member of the casino site.

Deposit the minimum amount, making sure you opt-out of any bonuses they offer you when you deposit. This is crucial, you just want your cash balance to be the amount you deposited. If you somehow end up with a bonus showing in your cash balance, talk to live chat to get this removed before you proceed. Of course, not all casinos offer bonuses, but it is important to check first when signing up to be sure – accordingly, you can learn more about some of the casinos that offer casino bonus packages over on the Casino Martini website.

Go to slots – you are looking for a high RTP (return to player), which may require a bit of Googling, or this site may help – I love Blood Suckers if it is available. I would advise keeping each spin at around the 80p – £1.25 level. Make sure you keep a constant tally of your spins so you don’t lose track, e.g. if you are doing £1.25 spins and the minimum wager amount is £25 then do 20 spins – no more, no less (25/1.25 = 20).

At the end of your wagering, whatever you do, do not withdraw your winnings until your cashback has been paid into your Topcashback account. If you do so, you will forfeit your cashback. Make a note of it somewhere so you don’t forget. Also, make sure your cashback tracks on the Topcashback website (you will get an email to notify you – it may take a few days). If it doesn’t (and I have found this happens in maybe 1 in every 15 transactions) you simply click on ‘Customer Care’ then ‘Lodge a Claim’ – over hundreds of transactions I have never failed to get cashback aso long as I have followed the T&Cs, but some transactions require a little nudge from time to time.

So there we have it – how to earn money risk free from slots thanks to Topcashback.


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