Gousto Portion Sizes: what to expect

Considering signing up for a meal kit delivery service but wanting to know more about the Gousto portion sizes before you commit? I’ve got you! I’ve included below photographs of a single portion of various cooked Gousto meals served on a standard-size dinner plate. I’ve also added a small amount of commentary about what I thought about each meal, if that’s helpful at all. You may also find my Gousto vs Hello Fresh: Which is Better? article helpful if you are new to delivery meal kits.

I have presented the below images without comment as one person’s “wow, what a huge portion!” is another person’s “is that all?!”. I intend to keep adding to this each time I make a new Gousto recipe.

If you find this analysis of Gousto portion sizes helpful, I’d be really grateful if you could sign up for Gousto via the following link – it means I get a small amount of credit as compensation which helps cover my time and costs. Thanks so much! Gousto: using this link as a new customer gets you 65% off your first box and 20% off for your first two months – you can cancel at any time.

Crispy chicken and cranberry bao buns with sprout slaw

Tasty but quite a lot of hassle to make. Not keen on the cranberries in the slaw. Huge portion though!

King prawn and sprout fried rice with sriracha mayo

Very tasty indeed, the spicy mayo was lovely and the prawns tasted very fresh. I would say that the portion wasn’t particularly big however.

Creamy tomato gnocchi bake with tenderstem broccoli

This was really yummy and rich. I couldn’t manage it all, which is unlike me! I learned a new method to cook broccoli which I’ll definitely be using again.

Mushroom sticky rice with golden five-spice cashews

gousto portion sizes

This tasted much nicer than it looked. The sushi rice made a nice change from my usual basmati rice – will definitely be buying sushi rice at the supermarket in the future. The cashews were incredible.

Honey sesame chicken skewers with rice

Nice but pretty basic. The best thing about this recipe was learning about adding mayonnaise to the chicken juices to make a yummy drizzle.

Gochuhang fried rice with king prawn and spinach stir fry

gousto portion size example

Could have done with more – but it was really tasty, particularly the spicy rice. The stir fry sauce was also really nice and it was interesting to learn how easy it was to make – just four basic ingredients.

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