Get Out! What Can You Do To Make The Most With The Kids This Summer Holiday?

It’s always a nightmare when we’re trying to do things on the cheap, but still give our children good experiences, especially during the summer holidays. After all, everything is so expensive these days that we can struggle to really make a good family occasion without spending through the nose. But, as summer is around the corner, this means we’ve got more options than before! But when you’re looking to spend some quality time with the children, and not spend too much money, what can you do? I came across a blog post with lots of ideas for Summer activities for parents and kids and came up with a few more:

Go See A Film

While cinemas aren’t the cheapest of things, what open-air cinema is doing these days is turning the whole idea going to the movies into a communal experience. The great thing about going to an open-air cinema is that you can pack a picnic, take the kids along, and have a great time! Look on and see what’s on offer. There are so many different opportunities for parents and children alike, from sing-along screenings of The Greatest Showman to Bohemian Rhapsody, which will cater for the older children in the family. It’s certainly a different way to experience the great outdoors!

Go To The Theatre

Yes, sometimes there are people jumping around in tights, but sometimes it can be a very exciting experience. As the summer’s coming, this means there’s a lot of outdoor theatre companies traipsing around the UK. Companies like Chapterhouse put on the typical Shakespeare fare, but they also do more family-friendly shows, like Treasure Island. And much like an outdoor cinema experience, you can take a picnic, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Get To The Zoo

A very simple way to enjoy a long summer’s days to go and get the kids educated is in a zoo. But if the zoo is too expensive, you can always go to a family-friendly farm, like that provides something for all ages. The great thing with most farm experiences is that you can get the children up close and personal to their favourite farmyard animals, but also, you can eat out for pretty cheap. Make it as part of a long day, where you head on a road trip, or even take in a long country walk somewhere, and you’re making sure the children get a lot of fresh air.

Nature Trail Walks

This may seem like a very underwhelming idea for many kids, but there are things like The Gruffalo Trail which has that combination of getting out in nature but also makes it a bit more interesting for younger kids. Nice trail walks are a great way to get some exercise, and as the summer is nearly upon us, you’ve got to take advantage of this. There are a whole load of outdoor learning activities that you can do – all for free or low cost.

Getting out and about can be expensive, but there are ways around this. If you go to an open-air event, you can always take a packed lunch with you. And also, if you’ve got a food festival near you, this gives you the opportunity to get out into the open, enjoy the sunshine, but also get some free samples down you! Heading out with the kids can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be.


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