Creating A Harmonious Move

If you’re preparing to move home, you’ve got a lot going on already what with the packing, organising your removals and coinciding your sell dates with the buying of your new home. The whole thing is a headache. But if it’s tough on you, what about how it’s going to feel for the smallest person in the family?

Kids, in general, can really struggle with change and if moving from a bedroom they’ve been in their whole life isn’t change, we don’t know what is. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible and in this blog, we bring you a short guide on making the move with kids, that little bit easier.

Include everyone

Your little one might be too young to fully grasp what’s going on but there are some things they’re going to pick up on, especially if you are feeling stressed. Have your child involved in the process from the start. You can start talking through the new home early on in the process to get them used to the idea of moving home, from the little things like what kind of posters they will have in their room to the bigger things like what their new school (if applicable) will be like. Though you may not have wanted to take them on the initial viewings, take them with you on subsequent visits and be prepared to answer (endless) questions about the new house and in particular their new bedroom. 

You will absolutely have to reassure them that all their toys and teddies are coming too and no one will get left behind. You’ll have to explain a million times why you want to move and why finding your dream home on Montage Property means you have to leave behind your old house.

The big day

On moving day itself younger children should, if possible, be taken care of while the boxes are brought in. It’s just safer for everyone. While little hands might be keen to help, having them pull out plates and valuable items probably won’t work, so direct them to their own bedroom with a mission to unpack all the toys and put them safely in their new home. A nice idea might be to get some posters printed for them in advance of the move to decorate their new room with.

You’ll want to make sure that anything very important to your child is brought with you in a separate bag that you have to hand. This will avoid frantic searching for a favourite teddy and lots of anxiety about having lost or abandoned a furry friend.

If your child is feeling a little nervous about the move try having them design how their bedroom is going to look, what kind of posters, curtains and so on they might like to feature and where.

Above all, be there to listen to their concerns. When you’re up to your elbows in unpacking boxes and trying to get the house looking normal, it can be frustrating but to avoid prolonged periods of anxiety and bad dreams spend some time reassuring your child that this is their home too and the adventure in their new house has only just begun.

Moving house is stressful for everyone, young and old. With a little patience and a lot of good humour, you will get through that move and settle into your forever home before you know it.


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