6 Benefits of Massage Therapy That May Surprise You

When it comes to massage treatments, your mind may wander to tranquil spa retreats with a calming atmosphere and delightfully fragrant treatment rooms, but there is much more to massages than this. Yes, massage treatments can aid relaxation, but they can also be used to reduce depression, support the immune system, and alleviate pain. Before you do a search for a massage near me you should read this article as I will outline a few benefits of massage therapy that may surprise you.

Another avenue to explore, as an alternative to massage or as a complementary treatment, is CBD either purchased in-person or via an online dispensary. There are numerous documented benefits and you might find that the combination of this plus massage is the perfect mix to help your wellbeing.

Enhances Immune Function

Regular massages can help enhance immune function by flushing toxins out of the body. In addition, certain massage techniques can increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body and elevate white blood cell activity. White blood cells fight off diseases and can help support the immune system.

Promotes Feelings of Positivity

For some people, the simple touch of an experienced therapist can give them a sense of wellness and pleasure. The act of massage activates the skin’s nerve cells and sends a signal to the brain to release feel-good endorphins. In turn, these chemicals elevate the mood and promote feelings of comfort and positivity. Not to mention, massage therapy can help ease the mind and decrease feelings of anxiety. Overall, getting a regular massage can help reduce feelings of stress and depression. There are also other methods of obtaining positive feelings, some people find this feeling through supplements, some others find it through exercise. It’s important to find what works for you.

Boosts Sporting Capabilities

Athletes, or people who participate in regular sports activities, can benefit from regular massage treatments. Not only can massage therapy relieve soreness, but it can also increase circulation and blood flow to the limbs. This can help increase overall performance. Massage treatments also enable the body to produce natural lubricants, which enhance flexibility. In addition to this, they can offset the negative symptoms of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Improves Posture

People who have developed bad posture from sitting in front of a screen all day or standing up for hours at a time can benefit from getting a massage regularly. Bad posture can lead to rounded shoulders, poor joints, back pain, and spinal dysfunction. Massage can relieve pressure points, relax joints, and loosen the body so that you can naturally stand taller.

Reduces Insomnia

A good massage can help people who suffer from insomnia achieve a restful night’s sleep. Massage therapy increases serotonin levels, relaxes the body, and disperses stress. Altogether, it can help you drift off naturally and effectively.

Elevates Health and Wellbeing in Seniors

Scheduling in a massage is a great way to relieve tension and add to everyone’s health and wellness routine. In particular, massage therapy is especially beneficial for seniors and can elevate general health and wellbeing. For example, massage therapy can soften up tight joints, reduce muscle tension and help seniors stay limber. In addition, older people can enjoy the benefits of a wider range of motion from receiving a regular massage. Not to mention, massage can relieve arthritic pain by warming affected areas of the body and increasing blood flow. In addition, increased blood flow to the body also helps improve one’s balance, reducing the risk of trips and falls.


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