Buying New? Is It Worth It?

If you have already realized that renting is an unwise investment, and believe that the monthly payment is better to put towards a mortgage for your own place, then you are in the right place. There is no problem with renting – after all there are no responsibilities, no long term worries about losing your home and you can move when you want to. But if you are choosing to buy, whether you are looking at homes for sale at the Delaware Beaches or apartments in a big city, here are some reasons that buying a new property is great.

Attractive price

On the face of it, logic says a second-hand apartment is cheaper. In reality, in many cases, the situation is different: competition between contractors can lead to a very significant drop in the prices of new homes, so they can be cheaper than the price of a second-hand apartment. You may want to look at Salboy for further reading. 

Flexible financing

When you buy a home, there is an option for a very convenient payment layout. There are also contractors who will offer significant rental assistance until you enter your new home. In most cases, the project is accompanied by a mortgage and this is always based on your income. You won’t be able to get a mortgage that you can’t technically pay back; so this is helpful. New builds often have even more benefits. You may be able to get help to buy or look at different schemes which offer options for flexibility.

Environmental development

In most cases, new apartments are built as part of a new community. This may come with a variety of services and benefits, such as environmental development, children’s playgrounds, green spaces, community services (schools, nurseries) and more. While these things are being built gradually, there will be a community that you will be glad you invested in. 

Less worries  

In a new home, everything is brand new! This is especially significant when it comes to the electrical and plumbing systems, the quality of the building materials and the construction itself. You know exactly what you are getting. Everything works well and there should be no reason to need it surveying. Hence, you save money! In older homes, you may not be able to legally buy or move in until all the underlying issues have been taken care of. This is a hassle that really isn’t worth it. If you find issues in a new build, you can contact the builders directly and ask for assistance. 

Control is in your hands

Control is a key word in the debate about buying an old versus a new one. When you enter a new home, you can pre-select the apartment that is in the location that is convenient for you in the building, in terms of air directions, move walls, unite rooms, design the apartment as you please (flooring, bath, kitchen, etc.). You are limited when you are buying the traditional way. A new project will give you room for growth and you can explore a few of the houses or apartments at once to see which one resonates with you.

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