Budget-Friendly Ideas For Children’s Birthdays

In the current economic climate, your child’s birthday might be causing you a lot of stress if you are wondering you to afford it all. But a special day doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are some tips to make a birthday memorable, without spending loads of money.

Parties Don’t Have to Break the Bank

While you might think that a birthday bash has to include hiring a venue, bouncy castles, food and more, this is not necessarily the case. Your kid will likely be content with anything just as long as they feel special and have the opportunity to play with friends.  

A good idea for a birthday celebration that is relatively cheap is to plan a sleepover at your house. Doing so means your child can spend all day and night with their friends having fun, and you can manage the amount of money leaving your account. You won’t need to pay for expensive catering doing this, and you can plan some fun party games for them all to play. Decorating the house with balloons is a cheap way to bring a party vibe, and activities like painting mugs or plates are a guaranteed hit. 

Give the Gift of Quality Time

If you lead a busy life with a full-on schedule, it can often be best to be present with your child on their special day. Turn off your phone, look away from your to-do list and other responsibilities and spend time with them rather than money. 

A good way to do this is to plan a fun day out. Take them to the park, or travel to a picturesque location with a picnic, and you can create memories with them they won’t soon forget. If your budget can stretch to it, you could take them and a couple of friends out to an aquarium, zoo or safari park. The experience they will have just spending quality time with you will be worth more than any gift as they grow older. 

Personalising Gifts is Always a Hit 

Children love personalised gifts. The excitement of seeing their name engraved on a gift cannot be matched at that age, and thanks to the internet, it is becoming even easier and cost-effective to find personalised gifts. Nowadays, you can customise almost any gift, right down to personalised wrapping paper! 

Put in Effort, Not Money

Ultimately, making a birthday memorable for someone isn’t necessarily about how much money you spend. Making an effort to spend time with the birthday boy or girl will help create memories that will last a lifetime, and throwing a party with their friends doesn’t have to hit your wallet too hard. Generally, kids won’t mind if their birthday isn’t an extravagant day as long as there are plenty of activities going on and they feel special. So rather than focusing on spending huge sums, it can often be a better idea to think up fun and creative activities for you all to enjoy. 


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