A Super Simple Way to Auto Invest Bitcoin Regularly

I am fairly new to investing – I have a few, small stock markets investments in what I’d consider to be ‘safe’ companies (although in the current environment, anything could happen, but all of my investments are definitely long term ones and I never invest more than I could afford to lose).

I have recently started adding cryptocurrencies to my portfolio. As I am fairly risk-averse, personally when it comes to cryptocurrencies I only like to buy ‘little and often’. The way I see it, I probably used to spend £10 a week on coffees when out and about, which I no longer do. Instead, I have started investing this in Bitcoin. There are lots of platforms around the world, such as Independent Reserve New Zealand, where you can securely invest in crypto currency, as well as trade it on when you wish to sell. Always choose a well-established, trusted platform when you are beginning your crypto investment journey. Perhaps a good place to start would be looking up the best guide according to reddit with regards to cryptocurrency exchanges, as you no doubt will encounter these when investing with cryptocurrency, so it makes sense to know as much about some of the options out there as possible.

As I wanted to invest on an automated, regular basis, I was struggling to find a platform that didn’t require me to have to make manual transactions. Thankfully I finally found Vimba – where you can easily set up a regular investment (weekly, biweekly or monthly) of whatever amount feels most comfortable (minimum of £10 right up to a maximum of £2,000 within a four week period). The investment works through direct debit so all you need to do, once it’s set up is sit back and relax and hopefully see your investment grow.

Another great thing is that your first auto invest investment is free – for subsequent transactions, the fee is 3.5% which is very competitive, especially for small amounts.

I used to work as an Accountant in the investment funds industry so I have taken a keen interest in the relatively new world of cryptocurrency – watching Bitcoin in particular soar – with a particular interest in how to price Bitcoin. This is a great article on how to price Bitcoin if you are as nerdy as me.

I’m looking forward to seeing my Bitcoin portfolio grow… now, if anyone wants to buy me a drink I’ll bore you about how to price Bitcoin…

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