How Do Bloggers Make Money? Here’s How I Monetise My Blog in 2020

Most likely you’ve arrived here because you are wondering ‘how do bloggers make money?’ Maybe you have been considering launching a blog yourself, or maybe you are just curious. I have been blogging for two years now so am a relative newbie, but I’m pleased to say that my blog is now making a good amount of money. Well, here are some of the ways that I and other bloggers monetise our blogs:

Sponsored posts

Companies can sponsor bloggers to either write a post themselves, or to publish pre-written post. Often the companies reach out to bloggers via email or their social channels. Or sometimes this work is picked up via third party agencies who act as an intermediary. Examples are Bloggers Connected (who take on bloggers with a domain age of over 6 months and a DA – that’s Domain Authority – of over 10) and Get Blogged (DA 10+). I love Get Blogged in particular because you can pitch for work – which means the ball is in your court in terms of persuading the advertiser – and they pay quickly.

If the blogger has large social followings (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) then sometimes these collaborations can involve their social media accounts too, e.g. you may see a sponsored blog post along with an Instagram post.

Affiliate links

A lot of websites participate in affiliate schemes which mean that when a reader clicks on an specially-created affiliate link and goes on to make a purchase, the blogger receives a small % of the sale price (at no extra cost to the purchaser). Obviously the higher the traffic, the more people see the link, the more people click the link and the more people make a purchase so it’s really a numbers game as to how much money can be made.


A lot of blogs host third party adverts – banner adverts, side bar adverts and the like. There are a lot of different advert networks bloggers can join – from Google Adsense which is quite low paying, right through to Mediavine which is the holy grail that every blogger aspires to join.


A good example of this is how some bloggers write e-books which they then promote and sell on their blogs. I personally run an Etsy store which isn’t related to my blog but of course my blog is a good platform for me to talk about it and link to it – see I just did it there!

I hope this answered your questions about how do bloggers make money – let me know if there’s anything you think I haven’t covered.


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