Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Welcome to the second installment of my Christmas gift guides: gift ideas for Grandparents (see my previous post about gift ideas for new parents). I hope the below gives you some inspiration as to what to buy for Grandparents (whether they are yours or your kids’) – I find them very hard to buy for.

Magazine subscription

Personally I have a Style at Home subscription and for me it’s always a lovely treat when the magazine comes through my door each month. The great thing about magazine subscriptions is that there is something to suit everyone. The site that has never let me down is Magazines Direct. A magazine subscription is perfect for the person who has everything already – it’s something they can, read, enjoy, then recycle – it won’t clutter up their home.

Heated throw

At this time of year, there is nothing better than being warm and cosy. A heated throw would probably be my top pick for gift ideas for grandparents – something to snuggle under in front of the TV on cold nights. We have owned a very similar one to this one for about five years now and we use it most days from late October to March – it’s not cheap but it’s one of the few things in my house that I can honestly say that if it ever broke, I wouldn’t hesitate to replace it with the exact same one. Here is a more affordable version. This is ours in action – loved by human and hound alike:

heated throw

Photo book

In this age of digital photography, there is still nothing better than a physical photo book to flick through. When photos are stored on a computer or in ‘the cloud’ we tend to forget they are there, but if we have an actual book in our home it is much more tempting to actually look at them and reminisce. I have used Snapfish in the past on many, many occasions and have always been happy with their prices, quality and service. Memorably, I recently gave my dad a photo book containing lots of photos of the kids for his 70th birthday – he is not normally a man who expresses his emotions but he welled up when he received it.

I hope this has provided you with some inspiration when it comes to gift ideas for Grandparents – let me know if you have used any of my suggestions or if you have any other ideas of your own.


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