Money Saving Monday: 3 Ways I Saved Money Last Week (17/09/18)

Monday is here once again – here’s 3 of the little things I did last week to save money:

  1. I didn’t do my usual big weekly shop last week, instead I have been running down the freezer. Turns out I have a lot of bags of frozen cauliflower stashed away so we have been enjoying warming cauliflower soup (spiced with nutmeg) – a perfect dinner now that the nights are setting in and the temperatures are dropping.
  2. The weather has turned really horrible up here… we were going to go to soft play on Wednesday but instead I spent the evening before setting up fun activities to do throughout the day, which meant that the kids weren’t bored and I wasn’t driven mad by endless demands. We saved a lot of money vs. the soft play entry fee x 2 plus food and drinks whilst there.
  3. Speaking of it getting cold, the heating has been coming on – the thermostat has been set to 18.5 but last week I turned it down to 17.5… apparently turning it down just 1 degree could cut my heating bills by around £85 a year.

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