Charity Shop Haul – September 2018

Last month you might remember I posted about the bargains I had found whilst digging around the charity shops. I thought it was time that I shared with you what I have found so far this month – maybe this will encourage you to pop in to your local charity shop next time you are passing by. I just love charity shops… all the joy of buying things but with very little of the guilt!

I will start off with my two favourite buys as seen in the image above: how cute is the dress on the left (£1.99)? I’m thinking it will look lovely with black tights and boots over the Autumn, then with bare legs when Spring comes around (note to self: get in the gym). I love a colourful print – it is so ‘me’. The dress on the right is a Boden dress which looks like it retailed at £70. The label on it said £9.99 but when I took it to the till, it was only £4.99. Perfect for a Summer wedding, or maybe I’ll wear it when I eventually get round to having my son baptised (at this rate, he’ll be two… better get on it!).


Once again, I took advantage of Barnardos’ 4 kids items for £1.99 offer and picked up some stuff for our holiday at the end of the month. I particularly love the John Lewis sunsafe swimming top and matching hat.


Finally, I bought my daughter a couple of boxes of jigsaw puzzles (99p each). I am particularly chuffed with the Gruffalo one – I have written before about how my kids are huge fans.

I would love to hear if this post has inspired you to give charity shop shopping a go!


  1. Nice selection of thrifted clothes and what a deal from Barnados. #MMBC

  2. I do love to have a good mooch in our local charity shops…
    It looks like you got some fantastic bargains x #MMBC

  3. I regularly visit our charity shops and they have been much better than the carboot sales this year. You do have to be careful sometimes though as some prices can be as much as they are in the original shops! #mmbc

    • Totally agree, some of the pricing is just crazy. I tend to find the premium brands are under priced and the cheaper brands are overpriced e.g. a used pair of New Look flats for £9… err, no thanks x

  4. I love a good browse in a charity shop and the dresses you bought are gorgeous – such a bargain too! I often go into charity shops to look for books, especially children’s books for my daughter.


  5. Those dresses are great and what a bargain! This makes me want to dive into the local charity shops, I always come out with something. #MMBC

    • Best of luck with striking gold! It can be quite hit and miss, but when you find something great, it’s exhilarating! x

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