Money Saving Monday: 3 ways I saved money last week (27/08/18)

Following on from my first post in this series last week, here are three ways in which I saved money last week:

  1. We are going to the Craig Tara holiday resort again this weekend to celebrate my daughter’s actual 3rd birthday. Instead of being tempted to eat out lots whilst we are away, I have done an online click-and-collect grocery order which we will pick up en route.
  2. Speaking of my daughter’s birthday, I was so close to ordering an expensive, customised cake for her (unicorn-themed) birthday party, which we held on Sunday. It was going to cost £50. Then, it struck me that a) she and her friends are only 3, and aren’t going to appreciate the expense and effort, and b) a few seconds after the cake went on display, it would be cut up. So instead, I ordered a rainbow cake from Asda for only £11 and jazzed it up with some cake toppers.
  3. This is in just for laughs (although it’s not really funny): I developed a lovely tooth abscess over the weekend. I managed to get an emergency appointment at the dentist, who prescribed me antibiotics. The particular type of antibiotics I have, I really can’t drink alcohol on. So, the abscess has meant that I will be saving money by avoiding wine, thanks abscess! Note: I don’t recommend this particular method of saving money 🙂


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