Money Saving Monday: 3 ways I saved money last week (20/08/18)

I thought I would start a new weekly feature where I write about the ways in which I have saved money over the last week. It has been a good week for saving money I reckon!

  1. We are heading away for a weekend with friends later on in the year. I was put in charge of booking a cottage and I made sure I used Topcashback. The booking totaled £600, and I now have £18 cashback pending. I am going to put it away to help me pay for Christmas gifts.
  2. It’s my daughter’s 3rd birthday soon, and I spent ages looking for a Barbie-sized dolls house (using my 3 simple tips to pay the lowest price online for anything) as her present. I found this amazing bargain from Argos which is over £200 cheaper than the equivalent official Barbie houses. She can even park Barbie’s car that I picked up at the charity shop next to it.barbie house
  3. My Virgin Media broadband contract is about to end. I am happy with their service, so I phoned up to negotiate. Never let a contract come to an end without negotiating with a supplier! I was paying £40 a month for 200mbps. Upon chatting to Virgin, I realised that I could downgrade to 100mbps which is now costing me £33 per month, plus that have given me a £50 credit off my bill meaning that overall I will save £134 over the next year.


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