Money Saving Monday: 3 Ways I Saved Money Last Week (03/09/18)

I recently started a new series of posts (see past posts here and here) in which I outline three thrifty ways in which I saved money over the last week – here’s what I did last week:

  1. We were away at the weekend, and had lunch in a restaurant on one of the days. Lauren had a kids meal of macaroni cheese – the portion size was massive so instead of it going to waste, we asked for a doggy bag. The leftovers then did both kids for dinner that night.
  2. I cancelled my Tesco delivery saver pass (a monthly payment which gives me free grocery deliveries) – now that Tesco no longer sell clothes online, which I used to get delivered for free with the pass, I worked out that it no longer represents good value for money for me. Plus, I am now avoiding the temptation of being lazy and having my groceries delivered – instead I am saving money by shopping at Lidl and Aldi.
  3. Whilst away at the weekend, there was very little wifi access. In the past, this scenario has meant that I have gone over my monthly data allowance and spent a small fortune on extra data. Instead, I switched off my mobile data. This also meant I was more engaged with playing with the kids rather than on my phone all the time, so it was win-win.


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