When Is It Okay To Borrow Money?

We might be amid a lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that opportunities to make money have disappeared entirely. In fact, with the economy shifting in a new direction, this is the perfect time for people with cash to start investing in new projects and ideas. Even as old companies fail, new businesses with pop up, and the country will continue to move forward. 

These opportunities bring up an important subject – that of borrowing. 

Using credit from direct lenders has become commonplace in our society, but when should you do it? When does it make sense to take out a loan? 

When You Need Something For Work

When you think about borrowing for a business, you typically imagine getting the capital you need to set up production. You don’t think about things like buying a car or getting it fixed. 

But if you work for yourself, paying for these things is vital. You always need to be able to do your job if you are going to be able to earn money. And so if your car breaks down, it makes sense to take out a loan to fix it. That’s because the vehicle is necessary for you to continue making money in the future. 

When You Want To Start A Business

The second reason to borrow money is when you want to start a business. You shouldn’t start a business on a whim, though. Ideally, you want to find an unmet need in the market and fill it. Find something that the market doesn’t currently offer and work toward building it. It could be something as simple as setting up a restaurant in an area that isn’t currently served by existing businesses. Or it might be an entirely new product nobody has heard of before. The choice is fundamentally up to you. 

Borrowing to start a business is a great idea when you’ve seen a new opportunity. While you have to pay interest on the loan, you can often make it all back and more from the profits you generate. In other words, you’re spending money to make money. 

When You Have An Asset

The amount that you can borrow changes substantially when you have an asset. If you go to a bank and ask for a loan to fund your business idea, they’ll be reluctant to lend to you, even if they think that you have had a great idea. But when you go for a mortgage, the bank is suddenly willing to lend you a lot more at a much lower rate. What’s going on here? 

Borrowing when you have an asset is usually cheap because the lender knows that they can just repossess it and get their money back if you don’t pay them back. That’s why so many people take out mortgages – they get the home they want right now, without having to spend a fortune on extra fees. In this context, therefore, it makes sense. Plus it encourages financial prudence. You automatically build up equity in your home when you pay off a mortgage. 


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