Video doorbell without subscription: options that are all better than Ring

I have been a loyal Ring customer for several years now, happily paying for an annual Ring Protect subscription to allow video footage from my doorbell cam to be saved in the cloud. However, like many people I have just received an email announcing that my subscription cost is about to go up a whopping 43%. I have decided to walk with my feet and leave Ring as a matter of principle. My reckoning is that by buying a new doorbell camera where I won’t be tied into a subscription that can rise as and when the manufacturers decide, I will recoup my costs quickly.

After extensive research, here are my top three video doorbell without subscription options to suit various budgets (over £100 / over £75 / over £50):

1. AOSU Video Doorbell Camera Wireless 5MP UHD, £149.99

This is one of the top-rated video doorbells on Amazon for good reason (4.4/5 out of 5,393 ratings). It’s not the cheapest on the market by a long stretch but would no doubt turn out to be a good long term investment.

Reasons why it’s better than the Ring doorbell:

No monthly/annual fee, videos are stored for 60 days

Battery lasts on average an incredible 180 days

Aspect ratio means more meaningful video is captured – i.e. you can see more of the vertical image than the horizontal

2. AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera 2MP, £78.39

If high quality video and oodles of storage isn’t your top priority, this is a great budget-friendly option to go for. It’s currently sitting at a 4.4/5 rating from 4,144 reviewers on Amazon.

Reasons why it’s better than the Ring doorbell:

No monthly fee, comes with an 8GB memory card for local storage of videos

Battery lasts on average 120 days

As above, a more useful aspect ratio

3. ieGeek Video Doorbell Wireless with Chime – 1080P HD, £52.99

A solid budget option which is currently rated 4.6/5 out of 218 reviews on Amazon.

Reasons why it’s better than the Ring doorbell:

There is the option to add an up to 128GB Micro SD card to store videos locally (SD card not included)

The battery lasts up to an average of 90 days

I hope this has been a good help in helping you ditch your Ring doorbell camera and find a video doorbell without subscription. I’m off to write an email to Ring to let them know that we customers won’t just roll over and accept their unjustifiable price increases!

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