Stake Referral Code (UK): Claim a Free Share in Nike, GoPro or Dropbox

Stake Referral Code (UK): Claim a Free Share in Nike, GoPro or Dropbox

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Are you looking for a Stake referral code? Click this link, fund your account (£50) within 24 hours and spin the wheel to receive a free share worth up to £80 (at the time of writing).

You may have come here via my Trading212 promo code page – great news, I have found another trading platform called Stake that also dishes out a free share once you sign up, read on to find out more about the Stake referral code:

Stake is a trading platform that allows UK investors to invest in US stocks, commission-free.

Upon signing up and depositing £50 you will receive a free share in one of these three companies: Nike / GoPro / Dropbox (click on the name of the stock to see the current share price – at the time of writing on 16/06/2020 the shares were worth £78, £3.80 and £17.50 respectively but please check as obviously their value and the GBP/USD exchange rate can fluctuate a lot).

Sign up here and enter the referral code nicolak335 if you are asked for it – you must fund your account with £50 within 24 hours of signing up to get your free share

Here’s the full details of how it works:

  1. Sign up at Stake (you will need your National Insurance number). The link should automatically entitle you to a free share, or you can input into the referral box.
  2. Fund your account by £50 within 24 hours of signing up – this is done via bank transfer in-app and is very fast and easy. Please note that there is a $9 USD transaction fee upon deposit (approximately £7)
  3. Spin the free share wheel to find out which of the 3 stocks you will receive. The free share will be revealed instantly but will hit your account within 3 working days.
  4. You can then share your Stake referral code with your friends – they will receive a free share and you will too
  5. The £50 funding (less transaction fee) can be withdrawn straight away

You will see from the share prices above that there is a wide range of value between the three stocks. It’s important to state that, if you are just signing up purely to try and profit from this offer, there is a chance you may lose a bit of money – it’s a gamble.

For example, if you deposit £50 you instantly lose $9 in transfer fees, plus or minus any currency fluctuations whilst your money is on deposit. If you were to receive the lowest price share which is GoPro (value at time of writing: $4.50 USD) then you would make a small loss. As I said, it’s a gamble – if you were to receive the other two shares, you’d instantly be in profit.

Here’s how it played out for me: as in the example above, I got the GoPro share, so was out of pocket. However, I shared my referral code with my husband who got a Nike share (value at the time was $96.43), and because he’d used my referral link I got another free share which coincidentally was also in Nike – woo hoo!

In summary, I think it’s a great thing to do if you fall into any of the following three categories: 1) you are genuinely looking for a great platform to trade US stocks on and the free share is just a bonus, 2) you have someone else – a partner, friends, family members – to refer to Stake too to hedge the risk of being out of pocket or 3) you don’t mind a bit of a gamble. I’ve written more about affiliate programs here, including Stake.

As with anything, please read the T&Cs and make sure you are comfortable before taking the plunge. Good luck!

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