Making Extra Cash In 2021

After such a tumultuous 2020, the hope of acquiring some extra income this year is no doubt felt by many. 

There’re many ways to meet this end, ranging in difficulty and devotion required. Whether you’re looking to simply give yourself a surplus of pocket money or endeavouring to add some major zeroes to your bank account, some options may be better than others here. This could be especially true owing to the difficult times in which we’ve all recently experienced. 

We’ve already covered how to make extra cash in 2019, so why not consider how things may have changed two years on? Here’s how to give your income a bit of a boost in 2021. 

Become a Landlord

You may have felt somewhat powerless in 2020, so a major or minor property empire could help you exercise some control and make some extra money in the process. 

Many people may have unfortunately had to move in with friends or families after a record loss of jobs across the nation. However, as things start to pick up again this year, some of these peoples may be looking to get back out there. If you can be a landlord during this time, paying tenants could be easy to acquire. 

However, you’ll need to acquire an EICR every 5 years or with every change of occupancy, an important part of your obligations as a landlord to keep your residents safe. Trade Facilities Services can provide your landlord EICR and explain its uses in more detail. Simply put, they can inform you if all your electrics are installed and well-maintained, and whether any hazards are present that require remedial work. Stay on top of things, and you’ll have a safe and functional property making money for you in no time.  

Develop Your Hobbies

Over the course of many lockdowns, people have been trying their hand at new pastimes. 

The most popular of these activities were things like learning new languages and performing DIY tasks, among even other hobbies like baking. If you’ve partaken in similar activities yourself, then perhaps you’ve organically arrived at an opportunity of sorts. 

If you’ve developed your skills in your old or new hobbies enough, it could be that you could profit from your efforts. For example, you could teach a series of customers the basics of a new languages for some extra cash or sell the produce you create or bake for a modest fee. Work hard and see where things lead, and it might be that you’ll come to manage a lucrative side-hustle or fully fledged business in the near or distant future. 

Make Moves Online

Last year, the UK’s internet usage soared to record levels, and it’s hard to imagine any type of steep drop during a 2021 that has been mostly spent under numerous restrictions. Therefore, concentrating your moneymaking online is a natural move. 

You could sell your hobby produce and services on there or strive to gain influencer status on the affiliate marketing scene. After all, some bloggers can make extortionate amounts of money if they build a readership and advertise with the right brands. Why not get writing and see what happens? 


Sell Your Belongings 

The last year has been stifling for many, and profound feelings of starting over may be felt. 

If you want to indulge that yearning yourself, then why not make some money at the same time? For example, you could sell old belongings of yours, items that’re clogging up your home space and that’re serving no use to anybody. It could be that your ‘junk’ has real value to somebody else. 

The money you make here could just be the beginning. You could buy and sell other items of higher value, or even invest your profits into company shares. This journey could all begin from overhauling your life and selling many of your unwanted possessions.


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