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Dash Water discount code: save 50% on the ‘wonky fruit’ drink

(Last Updated On: 07/09/2023)

One of my resolutions for 2023 is to cut down on the amount of wine I drink – over Christmas and New Year I got into the habit of cracking open a bottle a few times a week, which has continued well into this year – time to stop! The problem is, I like having a ‘nice’ drink upon an evening and water or Diet Coke hasn’t been cutting it. Which is how I discovered Dash Water – 330ml cans of flavoured sparkling water with zero calories and no nasty ingredients. I was drawn in by the fact that the flavourings come from ‘wonky’ fruit, i.e. fruit deemed not to be pretty enough for supermarkets. As a big fan of cutting food waste, I was sold! Here is my Dash Water review (I paid in full and am not receiving compensation for this article) which includes a Dash Water discount code:

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After perusing the website, I ended up buying a 48 case pick and mix selection. Dash Water comes in the following flavours:


I selected the Mango, Raspberry, Lemon and Cucumber flavours. Here are my thoughts on them:


I don’t think I would order this particular flavour again as it isn’t to my taste. It has a very dry taste – if you like to drink Aperol Spritzes, you will love this flavour.


Very nice – light and refreshing. A lovely subtle flavour Will definitely order again.


Again, lovely – light and natural flavour. Would be lovely sipping this in the sunshine.


Fab – would make a lovely mixer with Hendricks gin and a slice of cucumber. Lovely and refreshing.

Overall, with the exception of the mango which I thought had quite a powerful taste, all the other flavours were subtle which made for a lovely and refreshing beverage. A nice drink to have in the evening, whether from the elegant can or poured into a nice glass. I will definitely be a repeat customer. If you’d like to make an order thanks to my Dash Water review, make sure you follow this link to use a Dash water discount code and get 50% off your first case.

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