Why Bird Watching is More Popular Than Ever

Humanity has been fascinated by birds, their flight paths, their calls, their anatomy. Historically the interest has been more scientific, but lately, more and more people have decided to take up bird watching as a hobby. 

Why has it gained such popularity in recent years? Continue reading to discover the biggest draws to picking up this hobby.


Bird watching doesn’t require specialist equipment such as intricate gadgets or expensive gear, making it an accessible hobby for all. This isn’t to say that technology hasn’t made it easier to access bird guides or keep logs, but they aren’t necessary to get started.

Birds are Everywhere

This hobby isn’t limited by location; anywhere you travel to, you will be able to find birds and enjoy bird watching. Some regions have birds exclusive to that region, but there is still plenty of variety within your local area. Bird watching also is not seasonal; you can enjoy bird watching any time of the year.


Bird watching requires no training or practice. It is entirely flexible; you can be as involved as you choose to be. It appeals to all factions of society equally; there are no biases. Bird watching is one of the few hobbies that remains completely free. You can spend money on some pieces of kit if you choose to, but it isn’t necessary. You can even choose to watch the birds in your own garden if you don’t want to travel. Although if that is the case, it may be worth looking into getting some bird feed to help attract them. Little Peckers is an excellent resource for bird enthusiasts. They have comprehensive guides, bird seeds and feeders to help get your hobby off the ground.


Bird watching inspires adventure. It encourages you to get out of the house and go to places you wouldn’t usually. To see more of a variety of birds, you may need to venture further out where you will find that there is nothing around you except nature and wildlife. Bird watching can be a solitary endeavour if you so chose, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many groups both in real life and online open to members if you would like the opportunity to talk to others with the same interests as you.


Bird watching also prompts a vital conversation about the world around you. It is only through picking up such a hobby that you learn more about the need for habitat conservation. Bird watching is a hobby that touches on several other topics such as biology, sociology, and politics. It can help you become more involved in your local community and more involved with environmental issues.

Summing Up

Bird watching is a hobby that can help to restore your love of nature. Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul. Bird watching has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even alleviate depression. Bird watching is popular because it is a return to a simpler time, a hobby that requires no technology and is all about getting outside into nature.


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