Don’t Bother Buying These Big Purchases New

There are lots of big purchases you can make in your life. Spending a lot of money, whether you do it upfront or you take some time to pay off your purchase, isn’t something that you do lightly. When you make a significant investment, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice and that you’re not spending more than you need to. One of the things to consider is whether to buy something brand new or save your money by buying used. There are several big purchases that make more sense to buy second-hand, instead of investing in something brand new.


A new vehicle is something that you will have to buy several times over once you learn to drive. However, buying a brand new car is a significant expense, and not necessarily one you want to sign up for. Looking into used car sales can save you a lot of money, and you can find plenty of vehicles that have barely been used. Not all used vehicles are smart purchases, but you can increase your chances of finding the right one. Choose a reputable used car dealer that thoroughly inspects each of the vehicles it sells and guarantees their purchases too.


The idea of a new-build home appeals to a lot of people. No one has lived in it before and it doesn’t need to be modernised. However, new-build homes are typically more expensive and they’re not always all they’re made out to be. Many people have had complaints about their new-build homes not being up to the standard that they expect. On top of that, a lot of people feel like new homes don’t have a lot of character. If you’re looking for your next home, you’ll have a lot more choice and perhaps even save some money if you choose an older home.


Everyone needs furniture in their home. When you need to buy a new bed, wardrobe, or coffee table, it’s definitely tempting to go and look at the latest models from your favourite furniture brands. But buying brand new furniture could be a waste of money, especially if you’re looking for particularly durable, high-end furniture. Second-hand furniture can be cheaper and it can be just as durable. If it’s already lasted a number of years, it’s likely to keep going for longer once you buy it.

Sports and Gym Equipment

Whether you want to buy an exercise bike or a new hockey stick, buying new is often just not necessary. You might get something brand new if you’re very serious about a particular sport, but there are plenty of times when buying used is a better financial decision. This is particularly true for anything you’re just taking up, and you don’t know yet if you’re going to continue with it. There’s no point buying a brand new rowing machine if it will just collect dust.

Buying something new isn’t always worth it. You could save a lot of money by choosing to buy used items instead.


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