Vodafone Broadband Refer a Friend: Get a £25 Amazon Giftcard

Looking for a Vodafone broadband refer a friend code? Simply click here and when you sign up as a new customer, you will receive a £25 Amazon gift card.

I joined Vodafone Broadband 18 months ago as I was sick of the outages on the Virgin Media network, not to mention how difficult they made it to contact them when there was a problem. I have been delighted with Vodafone’s service ever since – I can only think of one brief outage in the whole year and a half that I have been a customer. I am on the ‘Superfast 2’ plan which is totally adequate for our family of four. Quite often one of us will be playing Roblox online, one of us will be streaming music in the kitchen, one of us will be watching Netflix in the living room and one of us will be on a video call. Despite the huge pressure we put on our bandwidth, there has never been a noticeable slow down of speeds.

One of the other things I like about Vodafone broadband is their live chat facility – which saves having to phone up and wait in a queue for ages. The person I ‘spoke’ to on the chat on the one occasion I needed help was very friendly and helpful.

Historically I have always jumped between broadband suppliers to save a few £s on a new contract or to get cashback, but I can honestly say that from now on I will stick with Vodafone as you can’t put a price on top quality, reliable service.

If you are keen to sign up, don’t forget to follow this link which is a Vodafone broadband refer a friend link, entitling you to a £25 Amazon gift card upon getting connected.

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