Planning A Budget Wedding That Still Feels Lavish

Whilst everybody wants the dream wedding, not everybody has the necessary financial backing to rent out an expensive venue and create a luxurious affair. But you don’t have to settle for second best if you’re working within the constraints of a restrictive budget. There are ways to plan a budget wedding that still feels lavish if you plan effectively and take the resourceful route to putting together your big day. In this article you will find some helpful wedding ideas on a budget that might give you some inspiration in this regard – remember that more expensive doesn’t automatically equal better.

Consider your financial options

Before you start cutting back on the most important elements of your big day, you might want to consider potential ways to extend your available budget. Consider your financial options. Maybe you’ve already been offered monetary help by friends and family, but there are other ways in which they could assist you. You might want to look into guarantor wedding loans. A friend or family member could help to guarantee that you could pay back a loan even if you have a bad credit score. That way, you could borrow the necessary money to afford your big day and pay it back in gradual instalments. It’s worth considering your financial options when planning your big day.

Shop around

It is always worth the time and effort to get several quotes for all aspects of your big day, whether you are searching for wedding photography Charlottesville or a local caterer or cake maker. It is often astonishing how much prices can vary for a similar service or item. A big example is flowers – for my own wedding I ended up going for my favoured bouquets which also happened to be the cheapest.

Do some charity shopping

A great way to plan a budget wedding that still feels lavish is to do some charity shopping. Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of your hard-earned cash on dresses from wedding stores, for instance, you could check out local charity shops for brilliant deals. There are often plenty of absolutely stunning dresses and items of clothing in those places for excellent prices. The quality and appearance of the clothing are both more important than the price tag, but there are many hidden gems in charity shops, so get searching. You can even find beautiful wedding dresses in some charity shops. Plus, thinking back to own budget wedding, I sourced lots of things like invitations and favours from eBay and saved a fortune in the process.

Choose a simple venue

As mentioned in the introduction, not everybody has the financial support necessary to afford the most expensive venue, but why should that matter? Some people spend thousands of pounds on venues simply because the building is historically significant and in high demand, but the venue isn’t the important thing. It’s all about how you decorate the venue in keeping with the theme of your wedding. You could opt for a simple village hall in your local area and make it look lavish with an elegant floral arrangement or even bunting. Plus, it might be more significant for you to get married in a place that means something special to you.

As for the reception venue for your big day, why not take it outdoors? Nature looks beautiful without you having to do any work or spend any money, assuming you pick the right location. You could get a marquee in case the weather takes a turn. That might be a great option for the reception after your main ceremony. If you choose an outdoor area near your main venue then that saves people from having to sort out transport to another location too. Again, that’ll reduce your costs massively.


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