Christmas Gift Ideas for New Parents

This is the first in a series of Christmas gift guides for those categories of people that are tricky to buy for. First up, I will be offering up some suggestions for gift ideas for new parents. It’s hard to know what to buy new mums and dads – maybe in previous years you might have bought them a voucher for their favourite restaurant but let’s face it, their life is dramatically different now. Here are some suggestions:


With a young baby, parents will be spending a lot of time sitting down on the sofa, feeding and snuggling their bundle of joy. One of the things I was grateful for when my first child was born was my Netflix subscription. You can buy Netflix gift cards in many retailers, personally I have seen them in the Post Office, Tesco, WH Smiths and John Lewis. I am also a big fan of Now TV – they have lots of boxsets if you subscribe to the Entertainment package.

Case of wine

In lieu of nights out, new parents have to make do with nights in… which is why a case of wine goes down a treat. I personally order my wine from Aldi – they have an interesting selection and when you buy 6 of more bottles you get free delivery. If your wine knowledge isn’t too good, they do a variety of pre-selected mixed cases so you can’t go wrong.

Coffee machine

Not just any coffee machine… one that keeps the coffee hot once it’s ready! We used to have a Nespresso machine but I found, with a new baby, I was always having to put my cup in the microwave to reheat it. There is nothing sadder than a cup of coffee which has been microwaved five times. Instead, I sold it and treated myself to this Morphy Richards filter coffee machine. Once the coffee is brewed, it stays hot for 25 minutes – and you can keep pressing the ‘heat’ button to keep it hot for as long as is needed. This will change the life of a coffee-loving new mum and dad.

An offer to babysit/run an errand

It may cost you nothing, but it would be priceless for a busy new parent.

Has this gift guide helped you if you were struggling for gift ideas for new parents? What’s the best gift anyone has given you when you were a new parent?


  1. Thanks Claire! Agreed, getting a break from the baby, even just to go to the supermarket alone, is like going on a spa day!

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