No Risk Matched Betting: Is There a Catch?

I started no risk matched betting in 2015. I remember hearing about it a couple of years prior to that, but writing it off as something I didn’t want to do for several reasons, primarily because it sounded too complicated. Luckily in recent years Outplayed has come along with really helpful walk throughs to make the whole matched betting process easy – they hold your hand through the process of placing bets. I couldn’t recommend them more – I have tried a couple of their competitors and there is no comparison!

What is no risk matched betting?

You have probably heard the term ‘matched betting’ before, but maybe you’re not sure what it involves. Here is a summary:

Matched betting works by using a ‘back and lay betting’ technique to turn free credit into real money.

Most online bookmakers give away free bets in order to entice customers to sign up with them. They also tend to extend further free bet offers to existing customers.

With traditional betting, there’s no guarantee that you will win anything – actually, it can be quite the opposite, that’s why bookies make so much money!

With matched betting, you eliminate the risk associated with each bet by placing an opposite bet (this is called a ‘lay bet’), so that you profit no matter what the outcome is. This technique allows you to make a profit on free bets. Typically, you will end up with approximately 80% of the free bet amount, so a £40 free bet turns into roughly £32 profit.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain something with an example, so here we go.

ABC Bookies are offering a free £20 bet. You use this bet to wager £20 that Man U will beat Liverpool on Saturday. At a different bookmaker, you bet that Man U *won’t* beat Liverpool on Saturday. You will win one bet and you will lose the other one… but overall you will make a profit of roughly £16 because one half of the bet was FREE.

Still unsure about no risk matched betting? Outplayed has a free trial where they will guide you through some introductory offers which will make you over £40 profit. If matched betting isn’t for you, you can cancel at the end of the trial, but if you love it (and most people who try it do love it) then they offer a monthly membership package, the fee for which can be recouped very quickly from your matched betting winnings.

Is there a catch to matched betting?

Matched betting, as long as you follow Outplayed‘s detailed step-by-step guides is truly risk free. You won’t lose a penny. However, it goes without saying that if you have a leaning towards a gambling addiction then please don’t get involved – matched betting isn’t gambling because you are guaranteed to profit, but I can imagine there would be a temptation to veer off course if you are that way inclined.

A small catch is that in order to get started you need to have a ‘float’ of money to get started. Outplayed recommend a £50 starting float as a minimum, but the bigger the float the bigger the profits.

A ‘catch’ that people may worry about but that actually isn’t an issue at all is the tax implications. Well, fear not: earnings from matched betting are exempt from tax.

One catch is that in order to make really big bucks (£2k+ a month) you do need to make a significant time investment which is probably not do-able if you are juggling a job/a family. Although it’s perfectly possible to make a few hundred pounds with a relatively small time commitment.

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