Keto Margarita Recipe: super simple, only 3 ingredients

I would describe myself as a frozen margarita fanatic. Before I book a Mexican restaurant, I always check their menu to make sure I can scratch my frozen margarita itch. On a hot sunny day, I always, without fail, crave an ice cold, super slushy, tart and tangy, frozen margarita. But – confession time – until recently I had never attempted to follow a frozen margarita recipe myself, let alone a keto margarita recipe.

I tend to stick to wine and beer when I am drinking at home, never branching out into cocktail making. Whenever I looked up a frozen margarita recipe I was always put off because it seemed too much work. Also, my liquor cabinet is pretty sad looking, so I certainly don’t have the triple sec that almost every recipe calls for.

I should warn you, if you are a margarita purist turn back now, this is definitely not an authentic recipe but I can vouch for the fact that it tastes absolutely delicious. So I started experimenting with a very simple, frozen margarita recipe made with only the following 3 ingredients…

frozen margarita recipe

To make this keto margarita recipe you will also need a blender. I am a big fan of the Breville personal blender as it’s super easy to clean and is the perfect size to make this two-serving frozen margarita recipe, but any blender will do.

Oh, did I mention, this recipe is zero carb, and suits keto diets, low calorie diets, in fact I can’t think of any diets this wouldn’t be OK for.

One thing I must mention is that recipe makes a tart, tangy frozen margarita, which suits my personal taste perfectly as I don’t really have a sweet tooth but I love sour things – if you love sour sweeties this frozen margarita recipe is for you. If it’s too tangy for you, you may wish to add some frozen berries to sweeten it up a little, whilst keeping the carb count low.

The recipe calls for lime cordial – I understand that this is a British thing, it’s essentially concentrated lime juice, so if you aren’t in the UK you can use your local equivalent. I personally use no-added-sugar cordial but you may of course use sugary cordial if you’d prefer, it’s your choice.

Recipe (makes 2 frozen margarita cocktails)

2 shots (60ml) of tequila
2 cups of ice (this is the same amount it takes to fill up a Breville personal blender to the brim)
330ml lime cordial (no added sugar is what I personally use, I’d recommend chilling this before using it as it slows down the melting of the ice)


Simply add all the ingredients to your blender and blend until it’s slushy and no chunks of ice remain
Serve in a glass (wedge of lime and salted rim optional) and enjoy!

Nutritional information per 1 serving: Calories: 75 / Carbs: 0

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