Instavolt Referral Code: Get £5 off your first EV charge [iJasw]

Use code iJasw (or click here) to get £5 free credit on the Instavolt app with this exclusive Instavolt referral code

What is Instavolt?

Instavolt is a network of electric vehicle chargers located throughout the UK.

How much does charging cost?

At the time of writing, all InstaVolt chargers cost £0.66 per kWh to use. There’s zero fee and no monthly membership fee.

Is the network reliable?

We have had electric vehicles for several years now – you could probably call us early adopters. So we have used possibly every single network out there in the UK. Frankly, it can be so hit and miss when it comes to getting a reliable, fast, affordable charge. For example, a few weeks ago we used an Ecotricity charger at a service station in Scotland and it gave us a pathetic 8 miles after half an hour. However, we used the Instavolt network twice when we were on holiday in the Lake District over the past Summer and were blown away by how seamless the whole process was. Not only was the charge incredibly rapid  – 50kW per hour – but it worked straight away. You can use a credit or debit card to get it working immediately but I’d highly recommend downloading the app and using my referral code as you will get £5 credit and also be able to track your charge. But if you’re in a rush, of course you can just use contactless card to get started right away. Normally I find pulling up at a charging point really stressful due to the uncertainty but with Instavolt I don’t have those qualms at all – ideal when you have two wriggly kids in the back!

Sounds good, let me know the Instavolt referral code!

Sure! Using code iJasw(or clicking here) gets you £5 free credit on the Instavolt app. Hooray!

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