How To Decorate Your Poolside On A Budget

A pool is one of the best features any home can have. However, they come with a hefty price. Apart from the installation fees, maintaining a pool can also be costly. And since you’re already spending money to keep your pool in excellent condition, would it be nice to find budget-friendly ways to decorate the area? 

A trip to the tropics is evoked by the sight of straw hats and rattan furniture. A wicker sun lounge might be a good fit if you’re looking for the perfect décor with excellent functionality. You can also improve the atmosphere by bringing in extra greenery. 

Your poolside greatly defines how the entire space will look. But this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. To help you enhance the area, below are some ways to decorate your poolside on a budget:

Shop Sale Items

Shopping for sale items is an excellent way to buy something new for your poolside without breaking the bank. This way, you don’t have to pay the full price for a brand-new product, saving you cash. The key is to find discounted items. 

You can look at the furniture section and home decorations. If you find something that fits your poolside idea, check if it has the right size and material. Meanwhile, it’s also a good idea to have an outdoor sofa. This can provide a place to relax and sunbathe. 

Go Thrift Shopping

Another way to shop on a budget is through thrift shopping. While this doesn’t entitle you to brand-new items, most come at a much more affordable price. Would it be great to find unique items for a fraction of their original cost? Sure, they’re not brand new, but will your guests ever know? The secret is to find items in good condition that’ll add more vibrance to your poolside. 

When you go thrift shopping, try to be as meticulous and detail-oriented as possible. Since it’s outdoor furniture, it might have been exposed to environmental changes, such as intense heat and rain. While looking for a perfect piece might be challenging, some hidden thrift stores keep amazing gems. This opportunity allows you to save on furniture costs. 

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have pieces of old furniture you’ve been considering throwing out, you can repurpose them instead. Before you throw out any furniture or home items, it’s best to consider whether they would work well for your poolside aesthetics. This way, you don’t have to spend on new furniture.

Repurposing your old furniture can help you save money and clear some space in your house. You can even use your old pillows and decors to make your poolside look amazing without spending a dime. 


If you’re on the crafty side, it’ll help to put your skills up for a challenge and transform your poolside area into something fabulous. Put your idea on paper and visualize it. Identify the materials you need, such as wood planks, nails, and paint. The key is to let your imagination and creativity run wild. 

You can create sun lounges, dining sets, or chairs. Apart from furniture, you can DIY your cushions by creating knitted blankets, coasters, or covers. DIY is a great way to save on costs and boost creativity. 

Decorate With Plants

It’s nice to emphasize nature, especially if your pool is located outdoors. Plants can make an area look more vibrant and alive. Luckily, you can use plants as decorations for your poolside. You can surround the area with different foliage, which includes shrubs, cacti, and hanging plants. You can also create a sustainable decoration to make your home more environmentally friendly. 

Add A Hammock

Adding plenty of comfortable seating around your poolside is a great option. A good example is installing a hammock. A hammock is an affordable option to add life and functionality to your poolside area. You only need to look for a large, sturdy fabric and attach it to two mature trees. You can also purchase a hammock online that fits your aesthetic. 

Use Sand Or Rock As Flooring

Using wood or cement as your poolside flooring can be expensive. One way to save costs is by using sand or rock instead. While regular grass can add color, materials with different textures can emphasize the area. Using stones or sand allows the place to be different from the rest. It can also provide a resort-like ambiance, adding character to your home. 


There are plenty of ways you can decorate your poolside on a budget. You can shop for sale items, try DIY, or use functional materials for your poolside. With the number of options to choose from, there’ll surely be something that can enhance its appearance without breaking the bank.


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