GoHenry Promo Code: Get £20 free

Looking for a GoHenry promo code? You have come to the right place. My seven year old daughter has had a GoHenry card for the last six months and loves it. It is essentially a preloaded spending card that parents can load money onto – she gets a weekly allowance and also if a relative gives her birthday/Christmas money we load it onto her card. It is definitely helping her understand the importance of saving money and budgeting. Click here to to benefit from my GoHenry promo code which gets your child one month’s free trial and also £20 for free, subject to completing a set of 6 missions in the Money Basics or Banking Basics section of Money Missions, which are cute little financial education lessons delivered via the GoHenry app.

Here are the money missions – only one set needs to be completed for GoHenry to pay the bonus £20:

gohenry promo code

After the one month free trial, GoHenry charge a monthly fee of £2.99. This includes a free debit card (although you can get a customised design for a one off fee of £4.99), access to a brilliant app and zero transaction fees.

Interested in trying GoHenry? Make sure you use my GoHenry promo code to benefit from the free trial and the free £20 top up.

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