How To Choose A Secret Santa Gift For Someone You Don’t Know

Secret Santa gifts are an excellent idea for large groups of friends. They prevent people from overspending and reduce the stress of buying for many people or even forgetting to buy for others. The idea is, everyone puts their name into a hat, and then everyone takes turns to pull out a name, and then they have to buy a Christmas gift for that person without revealing who they’ve got. This is now often done via email and apps too for ease and to avoid people from picking their names and having to choose again. Unfortunately, unless you know everyone well in a group, you may end up having to buy for someone you don’t know very well. Luckily, there are some tips to handle situations like this.

Give People Options
When starting your secret Santa group, first of all, get a good idea of whether you’ll be able to find a good gift for anyone in the group before you choose a name. If there is even just one person you might struggle to buy for, it might be worth suggesting that everyone write down a few hints about what they enjoy and what types of gifts they like. This saves everyone from making mistakes and struggling to choose the right gift.

Do Some Digging
One of the best ways to find out about someone is by asking people close to them. Speak to their close friends, and while this may be bending the rules slightly of not revealing who you are buying a secret Santa gift for, it’s probably better than buying the wrong thing for them. You could also find a way of asking the person directly using some form of anonymous messaging. If you’re buying for a co-worker, leave them a note and ask them to write some clues about what they like and then leave the note on the edge of their desk. Once they leave for their lunch break, you can casually swing by and grab their message. 

Choose A Hamper
A fantastic choice that can be made with little information about your giftee is a hamper. Consider buying a Christmas Bristol Hamper for them from Box Local. They have a vast range of hampers, including savoury goods and sweet treats. The great thing about a hamper is that pretty much anyone will enjoy them. Just make sure you at least find out about any dietary requirements. For example, it’ll be easy to find out if someone is vegan or vegetarian, which you can work into a simple conversation.

Gift Cards
These are fantastic choices if you’re struggling. If someone is particularly fashion conscious, get them a gift card that high street clothing stores accept. If you know that they’re a gamer, buy them a gift card which can be redeemed via an online store on their games console. Of course, don’t forget to find out what console they have. There are, of course, pros and cons to giving a gift card, so it may be worthwhile saving this choice for when you’ve exhausted your other options. Either way, having a decent option like this to fall back on is advantageous.


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