Girls Shoes: How To Buy School Shoes On A Budget

Buying shoes for your little girl can be a fun experience. But, only if you factor in the style. When you consider all other elements like comfort and the price, however, that’s when you need to be smarter about your choices. You just can’t buy any pair at random.

All the more is this truer when shopping for girls shoes for school. You could be limited in the style department, as school shoes are often simpler and more discreet. But, if you don’t shop wisely, they can also be expensive. Add that to all the other back-to-school expenses, and your budget will surely be on the verge of breaking.

So, is it really possible to shop for school shoes, meant to last the whole year, even when on a budget? Most definitely. We’ve covered some try-worthy strategies for you.

Don’t Skimp On The Fit

When buying school shoes, it’s not really the price that matters. Even if the shoe is the cheapest one in the entire school shoe section of your department store, for as long as it fits well, you’ve got a gem. Fit is very important for girls’ school shoes, as it is for other types of shoes.

Here’s why. Your little girl will be wearing that pair for hours while at school. They should be comfortable moving, walking, and running around. If they aren’t, unfortunately, you’re going to find yourself with the need to buy new school shoes, multiple times in the school year.

You have to be kind on your little girls’ feet. Remember they’re still developing. There’s no compromising on the fit and comfort.

Make Use Of Clearance Sales

Who says you should only buy shoes during the back-to-school season? If you haven’t tried buying school shoes for your little girl off-season, you may want to try that strategy this year.

After the back-to-school season, the school shoes left unsold are often going to be discounted. Many of those pairs may even make it to the clearance aisle. This is to make way to the new inventory of shoes, for the new season. Buy the school shoes whenever you see pairs on clearance.

This tip works well especially when you have multiple school kids. Just be sure to have bigger sizes, to give room for their feet to grow, once school season starts. There’s no shame in buying from the clearance department, parents. No one will care – and your little girl certainly won’t be able to tell the difference.

Shop Around

If you’re struggling to find school shoes for your girl that fits the budget, hold it up right there. Don’t be tempted to swipe up that card and spend more than you intended. You may not have been looking well enough.

Don’t rush this process. Shop around as much as you can. The more you look around, the more you’ll be able to compare the prices of each brand. This allows you the opportunity of finding good quality, comfortable school shoes that are also the best price.

Have It Gifted By Family And Friends

If your daughter’s grandparents, relatives, or godparents ask you what they should give her for her birthday or for Christmas, don’t be shy to ask for school shoes. Your daughter’s not going to miss out on toys if one grandparent will foot the school shoe expense. They’ll receive toys from other gift-givers, anyway.

This is one of the most practical ways to buy good quality shoes, without having to spend on them. Don’t underestimate how fast back-to-school expenses can soar. There’s the tuition fee, uniforms, trainers, miscellaneous fees, snacks, and school supplies to buy. With multiple children, that’s a lot of money.

Bring Your Girl With You As You Shop

The last thing you’d want is to have spent the shoe budget on a pair that will only make your daughter suffer through blisters and discomfort. Bringing her with you when you shop for school shoes can ensure you’re getting the best buy. Your daughter is happy with the fit and style, and it’s well within your budget, too. 

With that, a bonus tip is to shop late in the afternoon. This is when your daughter’s feet have expanded. You need this to ensure top comfort and the perfect fit. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy new shoes again, with one barely used, all because your daughter isn’t happy with it. 


See? Buying school shoes on a budget can be done. There are so many ways to go about it. You just have to be a wise and smart shopper. With the tips above, now you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your back-to-school budget. You’re one step closer to finding school shoes for your little ones that look great, fit well, and fit your budget. Surely you could be so relieved now with the possibility of not going over budget. Now all that’s left for you to do is to start shopping for those school shoes – regardless of the season.



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