B&M Self Adhesive Floor Planks: a Cheap DIY Bathroom Update

Here’s how I made a huge change to my bathroom at very little cost thanks to B&M self adhesive floor planks:

A couple of years ago we paid a tiler £250 to lift up our old, broken tiles in our en suite bathroom and fit new ones. Not long after, the the new tiles were beginning to show hairline cracks (some of which were getting bigger and bigger) – very disappointing. Recently it was getting to the point where the cracks were exposing the porous part of the tile underneath the ceramic shell so I knew something had to be done. We definitely don’t have the budget to pay someone to come in and tile again so I starting thinking about a way we could get a bathroom floor we were happy with, on a small budget.

I have recently joined the DIY on a Budget Facebook group which has been brilliant in terms of getting inspiration when it comes to doing up your home without spending too much money. I’d seen a few posts about people using B&M self adhesive vinyl floor planks and raving about them.

I happened to be in B&M the other day and whilst browsing I stumbled across the planks – at £8.99 a pack (2023 update: now £14 a pack – holy inflation, Batman!) I thought it was worth a shot at doing it myself. They do a few different shades. Each pack covers a tiny bit more than 1 metre squared. I bought 3 packs so spent just under £27. I noted that the pack says they are water resistant so they are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Here’s the floor as it was – this is when it was freshly laid so it looked good, imagine this with cracks everywhere:

The B&M self adhesive floor planks were so easy to lay. I gave the existing tiles a good clean and dried them really well. Then I laid the planks directly on top of the tiles. They were pretty easy to cut using a Stanley knife. I even used scissors for some of the more awkward cuts. The whole process took about 3.5 hours. I cleverly decided to do this on the hottest day of the year so there were lots of water breaks – I could probably have been faster if I’d picked a more sensible day!

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If you are not able to make it to a B&M store, or if if they are out of stock, I have since discovered that Amazon have a selection of very similar vinyl planks, some of which work out only slightly more expensive per square metre:

The finished floor can be seen in the photo at the top of the page. I am so happy with the finished result. Not only does the floor look great but it’s lovely and warm underfoot too. I was so impressed with the vinyl planks I went on to use them again in my kitchen makeover. To be clear, this is not an ad, I paid for the flooring myself.


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