A Buyer’s Guide To Shopping For Baby Changing Mats

There are many items marketed towards new parents which are not necessary to buy. But on the other hand, there are definitely some items that are absolute must-haves for all mums and dads to a new born baby. One of which essential purchases is a changing mat – you will find yourself using it all the time, literally around a dozen times a day in the early days of parenthood! So it’s important to spend some time doing some research to make sure that you get this purchase right. Here are some things you need to consider to make sure you buy the right kind of changing mat to meet your and your baby’s needs.


This is of course absolutely paramount. Even young babies can roll over much sooner than you’d imagine. It’s amazing how quickly a placid new born child turns into a wriggly baby. That’s why it’s important to buy a changing mat that has raised edges. Not only for your baby’s safety but also because it will help to make you baby feel comforted – like a hug. Make sure you have everything to hand before you start changing your baby so that you don’t need to turn your back even for a few seconds: new nappy, wipes, cream.

Ease of cleaning

Let’s face it… there will be diaper blow outs, leaks, spit ups and all sorts of reason why it will be important that you choose a changing mat that is easy to clean. There are usually two options: 1) a changing mat with natural fibre removable cover that can be put in the washing machine, 2) a PVC covered changing mat that can be wiped clean. Personally I favour the latter as it’s really easy and low maintenance. Make sure you use a gentle method of cleaning to protect your baby’s delicate skin: warm soapy water or wet wipes are good options for cleaning your mat.


Your baby will be spending a lot of time on his or her changing mat, so it’s important to choose a mat that has adequate padding to ensure they are comfortable on a nice, warm cosy changing mat. A comfy, happy baby makes for a quick and easy nappy change. If you are planning more babies then buying a thicker, sturdier changing mat just makes sense – it’s more likely to last the test of time so it can be reused for future babies. Often buying a cheaper mat is a false economy as it doesn’t last. It’s important to think about the environment and reusing changing mats where possible.


Make sure you pick a pattern/design that you like as you will be spending a lot of time looking at it! Also, if you have purchased a changing table make sure that the dimensions of the mat fit your table. What’s more, make sure it is big enough so that there is enough room for your child to grow as you may still be using it many months in the future.


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