7 Wedding Gift Ideas That Will Last a Lifetime

A wedding is a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime moment that is surrounded by love and joy. It is, therefore, the perfect time to give special gifts to those you love. This post is about seven gifts that are worth the money to be purchased, even if it is only once. These are practical gifts that can be used anywhere and anytime. They have a lasting life span and should not be easily broken or spoiled. These gifts will remind the couple of your love for them on their wedding day, as well as every day after the wedding day.

Picnic Hamper

What a great way to celebrate the joining of two people together than with a picnic hamper? It can hold all the cutlery and crockery needed for romantic picnics and family days out. They will remember the thoughtfulness of the gift for years to come.


Following the culinary theme, when couples tie the knot, they will need items to make their new house a home. In this case, a place setting of Arthur Price silver cutlery sets would be a great option. This will be used every day and will become a treasured set of cutlery for any kitchen.

Personalised wine glasses

A classic gift that gives the couple the chance to drink wine from the same glass every day and reminisce about their wedding and honeymoon (if they can remember that far back) is a nice set of personalised wine glasses. This is sure to make their time spent together more enjoyable.

Picture frame

Give them something they can look at every day to remind them of their special day. The frame will be a nice way to display their wedding photos. Or you could select a frame that they can use as a decor piece in their home. A picture frame is a great gift for any occasion, and it will always be useful once it is purchased.


A vase with flowers, or an artwork designed by them, can make a lovely gift for the couple on their wedding day. The couple will be able to display the bouquet of flowers on the dining table as well as enjoy the scent of the flower all year round in their home. There are many beautiful floral designs available to buy online or in DIY stores like Hobbycraft and B&Q.

Jewellery box

A jewellery box is a classy gift that can be placed on top of the dresser or on display. A jewellery box not only shows the love you have for the bride but also can hold some sentimental items she values. The box will be a nice way to keep their wedding rings safe and free from scratches.

Gift Card

A gift card is an option that may not last a lifetime but will be useful to both the bride and groom. The gift card will allow them to buy things for the house, such as beds and duvets, or appliances such as a new washing machine, or exciting items such as a new HD TV.

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