5 Ways to Make Money With a Small Van

If you own a small van and it spends much of its time sitting on your driveway, you might be wondering whether there’s a way you could make it earn its keep. The good news is you can get out in your van and start earning some money with it.

That’s because there’s still a strong demand for transport services. In fact, the demand has risen substantially because of both the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. The following are five ways you can get out on the road with your small van and earn some extra cash:

1. Become a Lifestyle Courier

Companies such as Hermes and Yodel use self-employed people to deliver thousands of parcels and packets for them each day. A lifestyle courier is someone that delivers such consignments while fitting the work around their daily schedule.

For example, you could fit your delivery duties around the school run, or you could start later in the day if you’re not an early riser. Having a small van is ideal for lifestyle courier work, especially during peak periods such as the run-up to Christmas.

2. Quote for Jobs on Courier Marketplaces

Did you know there are courier marketplaces where you can bid on jobs? As you can imagine, the more winning shipping bids you get, the more income you can make from delivering things with your small van.

It might surprise you to learn there’s quite a lot of stuff you can fit into a small van like yours. Plus, you’ll have a competitive advantage over large van owners as your operating overheads are lower.

3. Offer Dog Walking Services

If you love dogs, you could use your passion as a way to make an income. Many people require someone to take their dog for a walk each day, perhaps more than once a day, as they’re stuck at work and don’t want to leave their pets home alone.

Your van can provide safe and secure storage for people’s dogs while you go to woodland areas or parks with them. Plus, your van also means you can provide your services to a broader geographical location.

4. Offer Pet Transport Services

Sometimes pet owners might need their animal companions transporting from one part of the country to another. They might be moving home, for example, and perhaps can’t look after their pets during the moving process.

A small van is perfect for offering pet transport services. You could transport all kinds of animals and pets from pigeons and guinea pigs to dogs, cats, and even exotic pets like snakes.

5. Offer Towing Services

Last but not least, if your small van has a towbar fitted at the back of it, you could offer towing services to members of the public. All you’ll need is a towing dolly to transport vehicles like cars and motorcycles safely.

You could even carry some useful tools and spare parts in your van in case you need to perform an emergency roadside repair for your customers rather than towing them home.

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