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5 Simple And Fun Ideas To Make Extra Cash

(Last Updated On: 30/07/2020)

Fancy earning yourself some extra cash? Looking for some easy ideas to get the ball rolling? With these five simple ideas, you’ll be adding to your bank balance in no time!

  1. Airbnb

If you’ve got a spare room in your property, consider renting it out on Airbnb to make some extra cash. Airbnb is the most popular platform for temporary accommodation out there, with 150 million users worldwide. Here are a few tips to remember when renting out a room on Airbnb:

Set House Rules: Be specific about what the rules are while staying at your property. Failing to establish rules could end up with some awkward convos later! Does your property allow smoking? Can your guests have extra people to visit or stay over? Does the room have a curfew?

Vet your guests: It’s advisable to do background checks on your guests beforehand, this will ensure you choose trustworthy people to stay in your home.

  1. Rent out your car

Perhaps you don’t use your car every day? Maybe there are occasions where it mainly sits on your drive? If so, consider using an app to rent out your car.

Turo: Turo hasn’t often been described as Airbnb for cars! You can put your car on the website and rent it to those in need. The app comes with plenty of support to make the experience seamless. As part of the Turo community, you’ll be screened and have your car checked for safety.

  1. Sell your old belongings

Now it’s time to have a clear out; your old belongings could well earn you a nice bit of money! There are plenty of apps where you can sell your old clothes, books, electronics and furniture. Popular sites include eBay and Facebook Marketplace, for an app or two check out:

Shpock: The Shpock app is for people who want to sell their items locally. It’s simple to share your listings on social media, and there are zero transaction fees. There are plenty of selling categories including home and garden, electronics, clothing and more.

Decluttr: With the Decluttr app, you can sell your games, books, DVDs and other tech items. The app lets you send your stuff for free, and it’s easy to get paid via Paypal. There’s plenty of customer support to help you make the most of the app.

  1. Try blogging 

Fancy yourself as a bit of a writer? Why not start your own blog and use affiliate marketing to make some money? There are many platforms you can use to set up a blog, including WordPress or Wix. The main question is, what is your blog going to be about? Now is your chance to share your passion with the world whether it’s health, feminism, finance or travel.

  1. Stamp Collecting

In case you haven’t heard, stamp collecting is so in vogue right now! It’s an excellent hobby for those who love history, cultures, art and of course- collecting valuable items! As a stamp collector, you get the chance to purchase valuable stamps and then sell them to make a profit. Once you’ve got your stamp collection started, there are plenty of stamp dealers out there who will be interested in buying from you. You might even like to attend stamp auctions to really get involved!

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