5 Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

In this day and age, children are often reluctant to set off on any outdoor adventures. Of course, this hasn’t always been the case. Aside from growing up with an endless range of technological distractions, younger generations are also more involved in educational downtime such as homework and studies. 

It certainly doesn’t help that a global pandemic continues to limit our opportunities to stay active and avoid the harmful effects of too much sedentary time. While you might not be able to take your kids on trips to the local park or zoo for now, solutions abound just beyond the back door.

Stump Steps

Let’s start with something simple. All you need to create this competitive balancing challenge is enough logs to form a path of platforms in varying heights. If cutting your own stumps isn’t an option, try getting in touch with a nearby tree trimmer and ask if they can donate a few scraps. Remember to maintain enough distance between each step to ensure that your little ones must carefully plot their course to reach the end.

Rock Spot

Aspiring builders will relish the countless hours they spend in a sand or gravel pit. It’s the perfect space to play with their trucks and construction equipment. After clearing and filling a suitable surface area, you can contain it with some stones or wooden planks. The process of making your rock spot is itself an ideal backyard project to tackle as a family.

Quad Bikes

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard with ample space for some four-wheeled fun, take a look at the different kids’ quads for sale online that sport electric motors. By opting for a battery-powered version, you’ll rest easy knowing that you won’t get any complaints from the neighbours. 

Whether as a birthday gift or a surprise spoil, you can order an electric bike, kart or scooter for your lucky little one from the KidsQuads website. In addition to featuring a wide range of kids quads for sale, the company also offers all of the clothing, helmets and accessories to keep your child safe. Quick and convenient delivery comes as standard.

Outdoor Easel

For children who prefer more artistic endeavours, sticking up a chalkboard on the wall of your backyard is bound to bring them out when the sun is shining. Plus, you won’t have to deal with any chalk dust or paint spills inside. 

To make your own weatherproof chalkboard paint, simply mix a cup of exterior latex enamel paint with two tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout. It’s best to stir one batch at a time so that everything blends properly. 

Silly Spinner

A great alternative to traditional swing sets, silly spinners can be set up in even the smallest of yards. There are several materials that fit the bill, such as nylon climbing rope and a pair of bicycle handlebars to serve as the grips. You can always purchase a pre-made spinner online as well.

These are just a few of the outdoor activities your kids can enjoy at home. Get creative and see what you can think up!

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