3 Bicester Driveway Ideas To Suit Any Budget

Your driveway is the first thing anyone visiting your home will see, and a well-maintained driveway is crucial in order to make the best first impression on your guests. Keeping your driveway in good condition also ensures that it continues to function as intended, without any massive potholes damaging your car.

If you’re looking to improve or refurbish your driveway in Bicester but need to stick to a budget, we have some great ideas to help you create a beautiful driveway without breaking the bank.

Natural Earth

The simple natural earth driveway, also known as a permeable driveway, is a fantastic option when you’re on a budget with beautiful results. This type of driveway is compacted earth that is typically mixed with aggregate for stability, and it gives a fantastic rustic look to any house. It is a popular choice for those who live in more rural areas, who want to give their homes the perfect countryside feeling, or have their driveways leading up to their patios. Many people who choose to create this driveway style typically invest in a patio company in Bicester to complete the rural vibe for their home.

The centre of the driveway is usually raised higher than the edges to encourage water to run off during the colder and wetter months of the year; this is an excellent solution to avoid the risk of potholes ruining your car.

This driveway is also the perfect low-cost DIY project as it doesn’t take too much skill to create, and so long as you don’t forget to create a gradient for water to run off, it will be easy to maintain.


Another great DIY option to reduce the impact on your budget when looking at driveway choices is to opt for gravel. However, if laid incorrectly, this driveway can end up waterlogged; if you’re not experienced in DIY, it is recommended that you use a professional driveway company in Bicester like M & C Driveways.

In order to achieve the best results, there is a bit more prep work before you begin this project; you will need to dig down by a few extra inches so that a weed barrier can be laid before a layered stone base can be added. Once you have a stone base, using stones of varying sizes, you can begin to add the gravel layer on top. The different layers to your gravel driveway work to create good drainage without having to build a gradient in the middle, which, in turn, will provide you with a long-lasting surface. 

The stones, gravel, and weed barrier material costs will be more than with a natural earth driveway, but this driveway requires less maintenance. You will need to occasionally rake the top to level out the surface and top up the gravel as it can sink into the earth below.

Brick, Stone Or Blocks

Brick, stone or block driveways are more expensive due to the cost of the materials, but they are one of the most popular driveways in Bicester as they have a timeless look to impress guests and last longer than the cheaper options.

While you can reduce costs by tackling this project yourself, it is recommended for the best results that you have a professional lay block paving driveway in Bicester to ensure that the materials have been properly embedded into the sand or concrete.


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