Planning a Family Vacation Abroad – Documents and What to Pack

Planning a family vacation is a lot of work, but planning a family vacation abroad? It sounds almost impossible, but it really isn’t! You’re pushing the boundaries and trying to give your family a vacation they’ll never forget; that’s great! And you’ll be able to do without any hassles by just following some simple guidelines. That said, here are some tips on planning the ultimate family vacation abroad and how to keep everyone comfortable during your travels.

Pick a destination

Where will your family want to go? There are so many places you could choose from! Picking the destination is one of the crucial parts of the entire planning process and will also determine what documentation you’ll need in order to travel. Also, will you be traveling during winter, summer, spring, or fall? Try looking at the forecast for where in the world you’ll be visiting; you don’t want to get caught in a downpour with no rain jackets if it’s going to rain. Next, it may take some time and research, but pick out what days of the week your family will need to travel (i.e., one day or two), how many destinations you’d like to see, and whether or not you want to include a tour or two. Of course, you will also need to consider how you will travel to your destination – depending on your budget, you will need to either compare the cost and convenience of commercial airlines or do some research on jet card pricing.

What to Pack

Packing travel clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in is always a good idea. Along with the necessities, pack a few of your kids’ favorite games or activities for those long flights/car rides. Travel clothes are essential when you’re on vacation! Pack some comfy travel leggings and tops, and dresses that can be worn anywhere (airport, park, etc.). Make sure you have shoes that are comfortable enough to walk around in while also being fashionable, you should never wear heels if there’s any chance you’ll be walking somewhere besides airport terminals!

Travel essentials

Consider bringing a travel pillow for the flight. If your kids are old enough to take their own pillows, bring one of theirs with you. Otherwise, travel pillows can be bought at airports, and they’re usually pretty cheap. These will make sleeping on flights much more comfortable for all family members! Consider packing snacks that are easy to handle and won’t cause a mess, such as cereal bars, trail mix/granola bars, crackers, cheese spreads, etc. This way, everyone will feel good about eating something healthy while not having to worry about being hungry during travels.

Necessary Documents

Bring travel documents with you! When traveling abroad, make sure to bring your travel documents and any other important information (like insurance policies). For example, you’ll need a valid passport for international travel, and the expiration date on it should not be set in the future. So, if that expires next year, renew it now! It is also advisable to handle the k3 visa application a while before leaving and to have those visas and health insurance documentation before starting travel, because they can take some time to obtain.

Planning a family vacation abroad doesn’t have to be too difficult. These travel tips should help you get started on your next overseas adventure and ensure everyone is happy and comfortable every step of the way!

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